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Lamiez Holworthy shares son’s face

In a much-anticipated revelation, Lamiez Holworthy, the renowned South African DJ, has delightfully shared the first glimpse of her newborn son, Leano-Laone Zion Morule, on her Instagram account.

The unveiling comes after a period of keeping the little one’s face under wraps, sparking curiosity among fans and followers eager to catch a glimpse of the adorable addition to Lamiez and her husband Khuli Chana’s family.

Previously, the couple had chosen to keep their baby’s face private, and Lamiez had strategically shared images featuring Leano without revealing his countenance.

The DJ seemed to be protecting her son from the prying eyes of the social media world, believing that he was too young to be exposed to such a public platform. However, the recent Instagram story marked a delightful departure from this stance, as Lamiez embraced the excitement surrounding her son’s introduction to the digital realm.

In a playful and humorous twist, Lamiez opted for creativity by applying various filters and edits using a popular application. The resulting image showcased Leano’s face with exaggerated features, particularly enlarged eyes, evoking laughter and amusement from her dedicated followers.

The comical image served as a lighthearted way for Lamiez to share the joy of motherhood while maintaining an element of fun and mystery.

Despite the playful digital modifications, some eagle-eyed fans managed to discern glimpses of Leano’s actual appearance. The clever observers navigated through the creative edits to catch a more authentic portrayal of the little one, adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement to Lamiez’s social media revelation.

This momentous occasion not only satisfies the curiosity of fans but also highlights Lamiez Holworthy’s thoughtful approach to safeguarding her son’s privacy while simultaneously sharing the joy of motherhood in a creative and entertaining manner.

As the DJ continues to navigate the world of parenthood, her followers eagerly anticipate more heartwarming glimpses into the life of Leano-Laone Zion Morule.

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