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Emtee finally responds to rumours that he is broke. He shows off his R4.2 million house which he said he bought cash; but Mzansi notices something.

Emtee finally responds to rumours that he is broke. He shows off his R4.2 million house which he said he bought cash; but Mzansi notices something.

Emtee, the rap sensation, has finally broken his silence in the face of relentless rumors claiming he’s hit rock bottom financially. With his departure from Ambitiouz Recordz making headlines, the rapper found himself under the scrutiny of online trolls.

One particularly audacious troll even went so far as to suggest he couldn’t even scrape together R50,000. Emtee, however, was having none of it and hit back with a fiery response.

In a tweet, Emtee didn’t mince words, retorting, “Is this the part where I can show you my balance? Die broke and rested in piss.” He made it clear that while he might not be rolling in wealth, he’s still got “racks” to his name.

In a recent Twitter proclamation, Emtee stated, “I’m not rich but I be having racks.”

Emtee has a knack for setting the record straight, not just about his finances, but about various aspects of his life. Recently, he disclosed that he was supposed to be part of the Love & Hip Hop SA reality show but was ultimately snubbed by the organizers.

While some fans expressed their enthusiasm for seeing him on the show, others believed it might be for the best that he wasn’t involved. One fan commented, “I would’ve really enjoyed that show so much, and the fact that it’s rare to see Emtee on a regular basis, this Love and Hip Hop would have made it easy. To see Emtee’s actual moves in reality, how he chills with friends and family, that would’ve been more exciting for us as fans.”

Another supporter chimed in, “Blessings in disguise. They only called washed-up rappers. None of them are relevant. They’re trying to revive their careers. You’re up there.”

Mzansi, as always, was quick to rally behind their favorite hustler, chanting the familiar “Emtee the hustler” mantra when a photo of him standing in front of a multi-million-dollar mansion surfaced on the internet.

Many speculated that Emtee had purchased the house, which is estimated to be worth R4 million. However, questions arose about how he could afford such a property while allegedly struggling financially, especially considering his turbulent history with Ambitiouz Entertainment, which resulted in the loss of a house and two high-end cars.

Fueling the rumor mill, one Twitter user claimed that Emtee had recently acquired the R4.5 million house, hailing him as a true hustler. Yet, Emtee dashed his fans’ hopes by responding with a simple “Nah,” revealing that the claims were unfounded. The photo was merely a snapshot in front of a house that doesn’t belong to him.

Emtee’s journey continues, with the rapper gearing up to release his highly-anticipated album, aptly named after his second son, Logan, later this year.

Latest Phone News in South Africa: A Glimpse into the Tech Revolution

In the ever-evolving world of technology, South Africa stands at the forefront of mobile innovation. With a thriving smartphone market and a tech-savvy population, the latest phone news from this African nation is nothing short of exciting. From cutting-edge devices to groundbreaking developments in mobile technology, here’s a glimpse into the latest phone news in South Africa.

1. 5G Takes Center Stage

South Africa has witnessed a rapid expansion of its 5G network infrastructure. The major telecom players in the country have been actively rolling out 5G services in various cities, promising lightning-fast internet speeds and low latency. This development has paved the way for a new era of mobile experiences, from smoother video streaming to enhanced gaming and augmented reality applications.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung, a dominant force in the South African smartphone market, recently unveiled its Galaxy Z Fold 3. This foldable flagship device has generated considerable buzz with its innovative design, featuring a large foldable screen that opens up new possibilities for multitasking and content consumption. The device has been well-received in South Africa, catering to tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

3. Apple iPhone 13 Series

Apple’s iPhone remains immensely popular in South Africa, and the iPhone 13 series has continued to capture the imagination of consumers. Offering improved camera capabilities, a faster A15 Bionic chip, and a sleek design, the iPhone 13 has reaffirmed its status as a premium smartphone option in the South African market.

4. Local Brands Making Waves

South Africa has seen the emergence of several local smartphone brands, making their mark in the fiercely competitive industry. Brands like AG Mobile, Mobicel, and Vodacom have gained recognition for their budget-friendly devices, catering to a wider range of consumers and driving innovation within the local tech scene.

5. Mobile Gaming on the Rise

Mobile gaming has experienced explosive growth in South Africa, with an increasing number of users turning to smartphones as their primary gaming devices. Leading smartphone manufacturers have taken notice of this trend, offering devices with powerful processors and enhanced gaming features. Titles like “Garena Free Fire” and “PUBG Mobile” have become cultural phenomena, attracting a massive gaming community in the country.

6. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Initiatives

As global awareness of environmental issues grows, South African consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their tech choices. Smartphone manufacturers are responding to this demand by introducing eco-friendly initiatives, such as recyclable materials and energy-efficient components. This shift towards sustainability reflects the changing values of South African consumers.

7. Online Mobile Retailers Thrive

The e-commerce boom in South Africa has significantly impacted the way consumers purchase smartphones. Online mobile retailers have become increasingly popular, offering a wide range of devices, competitive prices, and convenient delivery options. This trend has allowed consumers to explore a broader selection of phones and accessories, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic market.

8. Data and Connectivity Challenges

While South Africa has made substantial progress in mobile technology, challenges related to data affordability and connectivity persist. High data costs and uneven network coverage in rural areas remain issues that the government and telecom companies are actively addressing. Bridging the digital divide remains a priority to ensure that all South Africans can access the benefits of the latest mobile technology.

9. Future Prospects

As South Africa continues to advance in the world of mobile technology, the future looks promising. The rollout of 5G networks, the influx of innovative devices, and a growing local tech scene all point towards a bright future for the country’s mobile industry. With increasing access to affordable smartphones and improved connectivity, South Africans are well-positioned to embrace the digital age.

In conclusion, the latest phone news in South Africa showcases a nation on the cusp of a technological revolution. From the expansion of 5G networks to the introduction of cutting-edge devices and a burgeoning local tech industry, South Africa is a dynamic and exciting player in the global smartphone market.

As the country continues to embrace innovation and address connectivity challenges, the future of mobile technology in South Africa holds great promise for consumers and tech enthusiasts alike.

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