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Zimbabwean DJ Tira based in SA showed off his R24 million mansion but Mzansi was shocked after noticing something

A palace fit for a king: A look at DJ Tira’s R24 million Durban mansion and cars

DJ Tira's Mansion R24 million mansion and cars - Source: Instagram

A palace fit for a king: A look at DJ Tira’s R24 million Durban mansion and cars

Mthokozi Khathi, DJ Tira, is a celebrated DJ who is best known for nurturing some of Mzansi’s finest musicians, the likes of Big Nuz and Qwabe Twins. Dupped as the king of Durban, DJ Tira has not only become one of South Africa’s celebrated DJs but a brand that goes beyond Mzansi. He has been credited for coming up with the Gqom rhythm. The genre made all sorts of headlines in 2017 and introduced Mzansi to star musicians like Babes Wodumo.

Undoubtedly, the multi-award-winning DJ and singer is hell-bent on taking SA music to another level. Apart from being a DJ, he doubles also as a producer and record label owner. Just like those before him, his thrust into the limelight came in the backdrop of his win in the annual Smirnoff SA DJ Knockout competition in 2000.

DJ Tira - Source: Instagram
DJ Tira – Source: Instagram

Tira is the man behind Afrotainment. In recent years his illustrious career has seen him securing the bag and becoming one of the most paid celebs in Mzansi. A few months ago, he revealed that he had hiked his prices for chorus and verses to R100 000 and R70 000, respectively.

A palace fit for a king: A look at DJ Tira’s R24 million Durban mansion and cars

However, the rumour mill has it that he has since hiked them again. On the other hand, his gigs don’t come cheap. Unconfirmed reports have it that to secure a gig with Tira, a promoter should folk around R30 000 local events, and his package and riders make his bill to around R190 000 including accommodation.

Well, his spanning career years have gifted him a lavish life on a silver platter. To cap his A-list celebrity lifestyle, he has blessed himself with the world’s finest things, from cars to houses. He has the plug and the bling too. Well, let’s dive into his lavish life, taking a look at his mansion and R40 million exotic fleet.

DJ Tira’s Mansion R24 million mansion

A palace fit for a king. He owns a lavish mansion in the leafy suburbs of Durban. The mansion boasts around with its architectural design, which separates it from the rest. It’s an absolute beauty, and its cream paintings make it outstanding. However, little is known about how many rooms the house boasts of. The mansion is flanked by a double garage and a carport for his several rides.

DJ Tira's Mansion R24 million mansion - Source: Instagram
DJ Tira’s Mansion R24 million mansion – Source: Instagram

However, some of DJ Tiras’s Instagram posts have managed us to sneak into his mansion. The estate has modern fittings and an open-plan kitchen with modern household appliances. It has a unique dining and sitting room which is complemented by several chandeliers which drop dead from the ceilings. It is beautified with several artefacts, his awards and paintings that cost a fortune. Rumour mill has it that the house has an estimated value of a whopping R24 million.

DJ Tira’s Cars

  • Audi R8 Spyder – R4 million
  • Mercedes Maybach –  R3.8 million
  • Mercedes AMG coupe – R1.2 million
DJ Tira - Source: Instagram
DJ Tira – Source: Instagram

As fans peek through the windows of Tira’s extravagant abode, a peculiar encounter adds a touch of intrigue to the narrative. Some claim to have spotted what appeared to be a pretty lady from the window, leading to whispers and speculation about DJ Tira’s personal life.

The intrigue deepens as some fans ponder whether Tira might be cheating on his wife, Gugu. However, upon closer inspection, the mysterious figure is debunked as a mere reflection, a playful interplay of shadows cast by the nearby mango tree.

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