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Is DJ Maphorisa related to Skomota: Old photo confuses fans

Mzansi’s beloved DJ Maphorisa caused a stir on X, formerly known as Twitter, when he shared a nostalgic glimpse into his past. The Amapiano sensation surprised fans by posting an old photo from his teenage years, showcasing a youthful version of the 36-year-old artist.

In the throwback snapshot, DJ Maphorisa sported a red short-sleeved t-shirt with white stripes, a vibrant green and yellow cap, and long dark jeans. What caught the attention of social media enthusiasts was the image of the DJ passionately working behind the decks, hinting at his early beginnings in the music scene.

Amid the buzz surrounding the post, some observant netizens couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the younger DJ Maphorisa and the internet sensation Skomota. Speculations have arisen, with some even suggesting that DJ Maphorisa might be the biological father of Skomota, adding an intriguing layer to the online chatter.

The comment section was flooded with users expressing their thoughts on the uncanny resemblance and sharing anecdotes about DJ Maphorisa’s journey in the music industry. Many commended him for his perseverance and growth, particularly after witnessing the throwback photo that illustrated his evolution.

The discussion took an interesting turn when DJ Maphorisa unveiled his impressive gig guide for December 2023, revealing a schedule packed with eight performances in a single day.

According to reports, the Amapiano maestro commands a hefty fee of R200k for indoor events and R300k for outdoor events. If assumptions hold true, his earnings for that day could range from a substantial R1.6 million to an impressive R2.4 million, depending on the nature of the gigs.

The online community couldn’t resist commenting on this financial feat, with some playfully reminiscing about DJ Maphorisa’s past and drawing humorous connections to Skomota. Amid the banter, there emerged messages of admiration, acknowledging the artist’s remarkable journey and applauding his resilience in the competitive music industry.

Cutting-Edge Tech: Top 10 Gadgets Taking Africa by Storm

1. Solar-Powered Mobile Devices

In a move towards sustainable tech, Africa is embracing solar-powered mobile devices, offering a reliable power source in regions with intermittent electricity.

2. E-Waste Recycling Innovations

A surge in eco-consciousness has led to the development of gadgets that prioritize e-waste reduction, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable tech landscape.

3. Agricultural Drones Revolutionizing Farming

Drones equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technology are transforming agriculture in Africa, providing farmers with invaluable data for crop management and yield optimization.

4. Affordable Health Tech Solutions

Innovative health gadgets are making healthcare more accessible across the continent, from portable diagnostic devices to telemedicine solutions, addressing healthcare challenges in remote areas.

5. Educational Tablets for Remote Learning

With a focus on improving education, affordable tablets equipped with educational content are empowering students in remote areas, bridging the digital divide and enhancing learning opportunities.

6. Water Purification Devices

In regions facing water scarcity, water purification gadgets are becoming indispensable, offering cost-effective solutions for clean and safe drinking water.

7. Off-Grid Home Energy Systems

Off-grid energy solutions are gaining traction, providing households with reliable power through solar panels and energy storage systems, reducing dependence on traditional power sources.

8. Smart Agriculture Sensors

Smart sensors are being integrated into agricultural practices, providing real-time data on soil conditions, weather patterns, and crop health, enabling farmers to make informed decisions for increased productivity.

9. Mobile Payment and Financial Inclusion

Mobile payment platforms are booming, promoting financial inclusion by providing convenient and secure ways for individuals in remote areas to access and manage their finances.

10. Wearable Tech for Wildlife Conservation

In the realm of conservation, wearable technology is being used to monitor and track wildlife, aiding efforts to protect endangered species and preserve Africa’s rich biodiversity.

In the heart of technological advancements, Africa is not only embracing innovation but also shaping the future of sustainable and impactful gadgets across various sectors.

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