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Zahara was killed

Inquest Opened into Zahara’s Death amid Suspicions of Poisoning

Zahara’s death has been making headlines after it was confirmed that there were two conflicting autopsy reports. Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots about what happened to Zahara in the backdrop of the two reports.

Reports have it that the family has since turned to the police for clarity.

The two autopsy reports have reportedly strained the family’s relationship with late Zahara’s fiancé Mpho Xaba. Before the autopsy reports, the family allegedly suspected foul play because of the sudden turn of events.

The star was admitted barely two days after her alleged traditional wedding reception, which was held on 12 November.

However, he was quickly rushed to the intensive care unit because of her medical condition. Against her admission, the rumour mill has it that her fiancé barred people from visiting her.

However, Xaba has yet to address these daring allegations that have thrust him into the top trends. Zahara died on 11 December after allegedly battling liver complications.

However, it seems the two reports say otherwise. According to reports, the family was presented with two reports contradicting each other.

One of the reports allegedly revealed that the star singer died from natural causes. However, the other report alleged that the singer’s cause of death was still under investigation.

Sunday World also reports that the star’s family has since lodged a case with the police. The family suspects that there was foul play.

Part of the statement reads, “The complainant, Mr Mkutukana, alleged that on 2023-12-11 at about 12:00, he was at Roodepoort when Bulelwa Mkutukana complained of stomach pains. She was taken to Olievedale Netcare Hospital and was declared dead.”

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