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Here’s why DJ Sbu is unshaved and hugs trees

DJ Sbu Explains His Unconventional Appearance

Sbusiso Leope, widely known as DJ Sbu, recently faced criticism on social media due to his unique appearance. With dreadlocks and a rugged beard, some fans labeled him as “shabby.” In response to the backlash, the musician, entrepreneur, and radio personality posted a video on social media to shed light on his transformation.

DJ Sbu clarified that his current appearance is part of a spiritual journey he’s embarked on. He expressed his comfort with his look, emphasizing that he believes he looks great in his natural state, without shaving. While acknowledging that he will eventually shave his hair, he conveyed that he was not ready to do so at this point.

“I think that I feel very comfortable the way I look, actually I think that I look great. And I think that I’m in my natural habitat when I look like this, when I don’t shave,” stated Leope.

He also mentioned that the process of growing his hair has been a valuable learning experience for him. It has provided him with self-development knowledge and insights that contribute to personal growth and improvement.

As for his affinity for hugging trees, DJ Sbu explained that it is related to his journey of self-development and personal growth.

In 2022, a picture of DJ Sbu stirred controversy, with some individuals questioning his choice of clothing and labeling him as “dirty” and “neglecting self-care.”

In summary, DJ Sbu’s transformation is rooted in a spiritual journey and self-development, with his appearance reflecting a personal sense of comfort and growth.

IN OTHER NEWS: Top Ten Black Friday Online Shops in South Africa to Visit for Gadgets

South Africa, November 1, 2023 – Black Friday, the much-anticipated shopping extravaganza, is just around the corner, and South African consumers are gearing up for some incredible deals. While Black Friday traditionally involved in-store shopping, the shift to online shopping has become more prominent in recent years.

If you’re on the lookout for the best online shops to visit in South Africa for gadget deals this Black Friday, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten online stores offering some of the most exciting discounts and offers on gadgets.

1. Takealot

  • The Giant’s Gadget Galore: Takealot, one of South Africa’s leading online retailers, is renowned for its diverse selection of gadgets. From smartphones to smart home devices, Takealot offers substantial discounts during the Black Friday period.

2. Superbalist

  • Fashion and Tech Unite: Superbalist’s Black Friday deals are a must-visit for those who love fashion and technology. Expect substantial discounts on tech-savvy accessories and wearables.

3. Makro

  • More for Less: Makro’s Black Friday offerings encompass an array of electronic gadgets and appliances. With physical and online stores, you can browse through their extensive range of discounted items.

4. DionWired

  • Wired for Black Friday: DionWired is your go-to destination for electronics and appliances. Their Black Friday deals on gadgets like laptops, headphones, and more are hard to resist.

5. Hirsch’s

  • Home Electronics Haven: Hirsch’s offers excellent deals on home appliances and electronics. Keep an eye out for their Black Friday gadget bargains.

6. Incredible Connection

  • Tech Heaven: Incredible Connection is the ultimate tech store. Their Black Friday event promises substantial savings on laptops, gaming consoles, and other electronic wonders.

7. Game

  • Join the Black Friday Game: Game is known for its Black Friday discounts on gaming consoles, tablets, and other tech toys. Don’t miss out on their exciting deals.

8. iStore

  • Apple Fanatics, Rejoice: If you’re an Apple enthusiast, the iStore Black Friday sale is a golden opportunity to snag that coveted iPhone, iPad, or Mac at a reduced price.

9. Wantitall

  • A World of Gadgets: Wantitall specializes in sourcing products from around the world. Black Friday is an ideal time to explore their global selection of unique and cutting-edge gadgets.

10. Loot

  • Gadgets and More: Loot’s extensive selection of gadgets, ranging from fitness trackers to drones, becomes even more enticing during their Black Friday event.

Shopping Safely Online
While Black Friday presents an incredible opportunity to score great deals, it’s essential to shop safely online. Be cautious of fraudulent websites and always double-check that the online store you’re using is reputable. Additionally, make sure your payment information is secure, and consider using trusted payment methods.

This Black Friday, South African gadget enthusiasts are in for a treat with these top ten online shops offering exciting deals. Remember to mark your calendars, set your alarms, and prepare to snag the best gadget bargains before they’re gone. Happy shopping!

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