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Quinton Jones’ ancestors are working overtime”. Mzansi reacts after something bad happened to Minnie Dlamini.

Minnie Dlamini, known as Minnie Dlamini, is a prominent South African media personality, actress, and model. In 2010, she was chosen as the new host for SABC 1’s Friday live-music show, Live Amp.

This week, Minnie Dlamini has been a hot topic of discussion in South Africa, following reports suggesting that she may have encountered financial difficulties. The catalyst for these reports was the removal of her skincare products from store shelves.

It’s a regrettable situation, considering that the company she established in 2016 initially held promise for success. Now, it appears to be closing down, with reports indicating she has struggled to meet her tax obligations.

Minnie Dlamini’s skincare line, MD, has been withdrawn from sale. MD by Minnie Dlamini has failed to file annual tax returns for the third consecutive year since its inception in 2016. Consequently, her company has been deregistered due to noncompliance with South African Revenue Service (SARS) regulations.

As reported by Musa Khawula, “MD skincare by Minnie Dlamini has repeatedly failed to file annual tax returns since its establishment in 2016. Her company’s deregistration is a result of noncompliance with SARS regulations.”

However, it’s worth noting that opinions on Minnie’s situation are divided in South Africa. Some expressed delight in her company’s downfall, taking the opportunity to mock her in the comment section. Others even went so far as to accuse her ex-partner, Quinton, of being the cause of her setbacks.

One Twitter user remarked, “Quinton’s ancestors are working overtime, it seems they want to see her fall from grace. She wronged the poor guy when he tried to support her lifestyle, and she was busy partying with individuals like Sodi. It’s payback time, darling.”

On the other hand, some individuals attribute her challenges to a lack of marketing skills or a perceived lack of attention to her business. Meanwhile, others suggested that she should consider applying for social assistance or seeking employment, as her financial situation appears to be precarious.

Title: “Top 10 Most Powerful Computers in the World and Their Estimated Prices – 2023 Rankings”

Date: October 24, 2023

In an ever-evolving world of technology and computing power, the race for supremacy in the realm of supercomputers continues. As of 2023, the top 10 most powerful computers worldwide are setting new standards for processing capability and computational prowess.

This article not only delves into their immense capabilities but also provides an estimated price tag for each, shedding light on the staggering financial investments behind these technological giants.

  • Fugaku, RIKEN and Fujitsu – Japan Estimated Price: $1.3 billion Topping the list is Fugaku, the reigning champion of supercomputing. Built by RIKEN and Fujitsu in Japan, it boasts incredible computational capabilities that outperform other supercomputers by a significant margin.
  • Summit, Oak Ridge National Laboratory – USA Estimated Price: $200 million Summit, located in the United States, is a powerhouse of artificial intelligence and scientific research. Its price tag may be hefty, but its contribution to various scientific endeavors is immeasurable.

  • Sierra, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – USA Estimated Price: $170 million Sierra, also based in the United States, plays a critical role in nuclear weapon simulation and national security research. Its computational prowess has made it an invaluable asset.
  • Sunway TaihuLight, National Supercomputing Center – China Estimated Price: $273 million China’s Sunway TaihuLight is renowned for its speed and efficiency. It is a symbol of China’s growing technological prowess.

  • Tianhe-2A, National Supercomputer Center – China Estimated Price: $390 million Tianhe-2A is another Chinese supercomputer, known for its vast processing capabilities, especially in scientific research and simulation.
  • Selene, Nvidia and ALCF – USA Estimated Price: $146 million Selene is a hybrid supercomputer utilizing Nvidia GPUs, which have been pivotal in revolutionizing AI and machine learning.

  • HPC4, Eni – Italy Estimated Price: $36 million HPC4, located in Italy, is a powerhouse for energy and petroleum research. Its contribution to the energy sector is invaluable.
  • Piz Daint, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre – Switzerland Estimated Price: $53 million Piz Daint is Europe’s most powerful supercomputer and is instrumental in various scientific research projects.

  • Trinity, Los Alamos National Laboratory – USA Estimated Price: $174 million Trinity is dedicated to nuclear weapons research, making it a vital asset for national security.
  • AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (ABCI), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology – Japan Estimated Price: $170 million ABCI is renowned for its exceptional AI capabilities and contributes to AI research on a global scale.

The estimated prices mentioned are based on the cost of development and operation, taking into account factors such as hardware, energy consumption, and maintenance. While the figures are substantial, the immense computing power and scientific advancements made possible by these supercomputers demonstrate their significance in various fields, from climate modeling and pharmaceutical research to national security and AI development.

As technology continues to advance, these supercomputers stand as a testament to human innovation and our relentless pursuit of knowledge.

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