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Woman who claims she gave birth to ten children is ‘held in psychiatric facility’

No confirmation has been made to date regarding the alleged birth of the ten babies

Gosiame Thamara Sithole, the woman who claimed she had 10 babies, is now in a psychiatric ward in South Africa. The police found her at a relative’s house near Johannesburg and then took her to a hospital for a mental health check.

She said she gave birth to 10 babies in June last year but one, but her boyfriend and the hospital where she claimed to give birth both say it didn’t happen. The police checked and found no records of 10 babies being born in any hospitals in the area.

Some people still believe her story, and there are rumors of a big cover-up involving the government and health authorities. The police found her because her boyfriend’s family reported her as a missing person.

Sithole’s lawyer says she is being held at the hospital against her will. She wanted to see a private psychologist instead of going to the psychiatric ward, but her request was denied. Medical tests show no signs of pregnancy or recent surgery.

Sithole’s boyfriend’s family also doubts her story and says they haven’t seen the babies. If her claim turns out to be false, it would be different from the case of a woman in Morocco who recently gave birth to nine babies, which was confirmed.

What Was Missing from Apple’s Annual iPhone Launch Event

The highly-anticipated annual iPhone launch event has come and gone, leaving tech enthusiasts with new products to drool over. However, there were some noticeable omissions among the gadgets and accessories. Here’s a look at what was missing:

1. Colored Cables

Rumors had been swirling about a new USB-C port being included in this year’s iPhone lineup, and these rumors turned out to be true. What didn’t materialize, though, were color-matched cables for each of the new iPhone 15 models.

Leaks had suggested that Apple might introduce special cables in hues like pink and yellow to complement the iPhone 15 range, but all the models came with plain white cables. It remains to be seen if color-matched cables will be introduced in the future.

2. Vision Pro

In June 2023, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset described as a “spatial computer,” set to release the following year with a hefty $3,499 price tag. There were expectations that the event might reveal a specific release date for the headset and perhaps showcase new apps or experiences for it. However, these details were conspicuously absent, leaving tech enthusiasts eager for more information.

3. Apple AirPods Max

Although there were no leaks specifically hinting at a new Apple AirPods Max model for this event, rumors suggest that one is in development. The refreshed model is expected to arrive in 2024 with a significant change: the introduction of USB-C.

This change is also anticipated for the regular AirPods, aligning them with the 2nd-generation AirPods Pro, which were updated with USB-C alongside the iPhone 15 at Apple’s September showcase. It appears that it’s just a matter of time before this change materializes.

4. New iPads

Apple fans had hoped to see new iPads make an appearance at the event, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. There are expectations for a refreshed iPad Pro next year, potentially featuring a powerful M3 chipset, based on rumors.

Additionally, the likeliest candidate for this year’s September event was the 7th-generation iPad mini. However, it was a no-show, and if it does arrive before Christmas, it might do so through an Apple newsroom update rather than a special event.

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