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Here Is The Reason Why He Is No More Acting

Beloved South African actor and media personality, Israel Matseke Zulu, known for his remarkable roles in popular shows like “Gazlam” and “iNumber Number,” recently announced a significant shift in his career.

After a health setback that left him reliant on a wheelchair and put his acting career on hold, Matseke Zulu is not planning an immediate return to the screen.

Instead, he’s diving into the world of music and is set to release an album in the near future. In his candid statement, Matseke Zulu expressed his passion for music and his desire to preserve the sounds of Kwaito. While fans may have to wait a bit longer to see him on TV, his foray into music promises a new chapter in his creative journey.

Despite the challenges he’s faced, Matseke Zulu’s dedication to entertaining the public remains strong, and his fans can look forward to his musical endeavors with anticipation and excitement. Stay tuned for updates on his musical journey and other South African entertainment news.

iPhone timer is easy to set up, here’s how

Mastering iPhone Timer for Enhanced Productivity

Knowing how to set the timer on your iPhone is handy. The timer measures the time elapsed, and setting it up allows you to be more cautious of your schedule. Setting a timer while doing something boosts productivity, keeps you committed, keeps distractions at bay, builds momentum, maintains discipline, and makes every break meaningful, according to Life Hacker.

Setting Up the Timer on Your iPhone

To start the timer, launch the Clock app and tap on Timer. Just swipe up and down to choose the time interval you want. Once you’ve selected the time, tap on start. The Clock app on iPhones also uses voice commands, so you can use Siri to set your timer. Once you’ve tapped start, the timer will begin its countdown.

Pausing the Timer

If you need to take a break and the timer hasn’t gone off yet, you can pause it. To do this, launch the Clock app and tap on the Timer tab. You will see a Pause button just below the timer. Once you tap on that button, the countdown will stop. If you want to pick up where you left off, just tap on Resume to start the countdown again.

Clearing the Timer

If you need to cancel your timer, launch the Clock app and tap the Cancel button seen at the bottom of the timer. You can also use the Siri voice command to cancel your timer, according to iPhone Life. Once the original timer is canceled, you can start another timer with a different time interval.

Customizing the Timer Sound

When your timer goes off, it uses the default sound that the Clock app has set up. However, if you wish to explore other sounds, you can do so by customizing your timer. To change the sound, go to the Clock app and tap on the Timer tab.

Select the When Timer Ends button, and you will see a list of sounds you can choose from. Once you’ve chosen a sound, tap the Set button. If you are not keen on the sounds available on the list, you can select the sounds you have downloaded from iTunes Store, according to iMore.

Using the Control Center

The Control Center is a feature that gives you direct access to important settings on your iPhone by swiping a finger up from the bottom of the display. You can also access the timer via the Control Center, so it is easy to launch and set it up whenever you need it.

To access your timer via the Control Center, swipe from the bottom of your screen and tap the Timer button. You should be able to select the time interval that you want and start the countdown. The Control Center is useful because you can access any app, even if your iPhone screen is locked.

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