Mzansi Trending’s Scandal: Is Mdala leaving Scandal?’s Scandal has undoubtedly left millions of soap opera enthusiasts in awe with its captivating drama and thrilling plotlines. The show’s ability to continually raise the bar with intriguing story arcs has not gone unnoticed, making it a beloved fixture in the hearts of its loyal viewers. Impressively, Scandal has managed to endure the test of time, spanning multiple decades and maintaining its relevance.

As one of the longest-running drama series, Scandal’s production team has masterfully breathed new life into the show by seamlessly integrating fresh faces with beloved, longstanding characters. Icons such as Mdala, Nhlamulo, and the Kubekas have graced our screens, despite their initial lack of experience. They’ve admirably embraced their roles, keeping the audience glued to their television sets.

While the departure of Romeo Medupe’s character, portrayed by Hungani Ndlovu, tugged at our heartstrings, we’ve quickly grown fond of Nhlamulo and Mdala. Their narratives are nothing short of riveting, laced with excitement and suspense.

James Sithole, the South African actor, made his entrance into the Scandal cast in 2021, and fans instantly fell for his on-screen charisma. Reflecting on his journey to Scandal, the actor expressed immense excitement, as this was his first major role.

He shared his aspirations, saying, “I had hoped to see myself in one of the biggest shows on I’ve watched Scandal! from the beginning, and my favorite storyline was the one involving Mangi’s struggle with drugs. I looked up to Sello Maake-ka Ncube, and I aspired to be part of the show, possibly as his long-lost son, working to rescue his brother from a life consumed by addiction.”

Is James Sithole Leaving’s Scandal?

Recent developments in the soap opera have left fans speculating about James Sithole’s future on the popular show. Mdala’s mysterious and secretive behavior towards his wife, coupled with apparent physical distress, has raised concerns. Some viewers have even suggested that he might be suffering from a serious ailment that warrants immediate attention.

In recent months, Scandal has garnered acclaim for its well-crafted and engaging storylines. The writers have adeptly avoided dragging out narratives, leaving fans curious about the trajectory of Mdala’s character. This uncertainty has stirred fears among devoted viewers, who wonder if James Sithole is on the verge of departing from the TV soap.

To address these rumors, Tinashe Eugene reached out to the actor, who categorically denied any intention to leave the show. Sithole clarified that he remains under contract with Scandal and emphasized his commitment to collaborating with the show’s dedicated crew, undeterred by the speculations circulating on social media.

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