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‘He was fired from Generations, Gomora’: ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ fans on Zolisa Xaluva’s exit

‘This guy always gets fired,’ said ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ fans when award-winning actor Zolisa Xaluva exited the telenovela.

Zolisa Xaluva’s Departure from ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Sparks Fan Speculation

Award-winning actor Zolisa Xaluva recently bid farewell to the popular telenovela ‘Smoke and Mirrors,’ prompting fans to share their thoughts on his exit. Known for his roles in ‘Gomora’ and ‘Generations,’ Xaluva has left shows in a similar fashion before their conclusion, leading some fans to comment on his career trajectory.

Fans of ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ took to social media to express their views, with one user, @NdinguMadlamini, stating, “He was fired from Gomora, Generations, and The Queen.” The actor, however, denies being fired from ‘Smoke and Mirrors,’ asserting that the decision was mutual between him and the production team.

Thapelo Ramatsui, a spokesperson for, explained that Final Chapter Productions had reached an amicable resolution to part ways with Xaluva. While viewers expressed their lack of surprise over the actor’s departure, citing his past exit from ‘Generations’ in 2014 and ‘Gomora’ in 2022, the network confirmed that the character of Caesar, played by Xaluva, would be recast for the show’s second season.

Xaluva, addressing the situation, pointed out the industry’s tendency to overwork and underpay actors. He emphasized that when actors advocate for fair treatment, they are often perceived as problematic. Despite the channel’s statement affirming their decision, fans on social media presented a different perspective on Xaluva’s departure.

@WarrazLangeni praised Xaluva’s work ethic, stating, “Plus, he’s so booked & busy it’s not even funny. This dude’s work ethic is working for him now.” Others speculated that Xaluva might have left due to intolerable behavior or inadequate compensation, describing him as humble and hardworking.

As fans anticipate the recasting of Caesar’s character, discussions on social media revolve around the potential impact on the storyline. @RMK_SA1 suggested, “He did mention he doesn’t like being in the same production for a long time; maybe he was tired.” Despite the varied opinions, it remains clear that Zolisa Xaluva’s departure from ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ has stirred considerable discussion among fans.

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