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Fact Check: South African woman’s story of giving birth to 10 babies at once is fake

Fact Check: South African woman’s story of giving birth to 10 babies at once is fake

An official investigation has uncovered that a South African woman’s claim of giving birth to 10 babies earlier last year but one was untrue. Gosiame Thamara Sithole, 37, from Gauteng province, had gained global attention for her assertion of breaking the world record for having 10 babies.

However, no hospitals in Gauteng province have any records of decuplets being born, and medical tests have shown that Sithole was not even pregnant recently. Consequently, she has been admitted to a psychiatric facility and is under monitoring due to the fabrication of her claim.

The investigation did not reveal the reasons behind her false narrative. Independent Online (IOL) initially reported the world record claim, which was then widely covered by various media outlets worldwide. The Tsotetsi family, involved in the claim, publicly stated that there were no decuplets born between Tebogo Tsotetsi and Gosiame Sithole. Additionally, legal action is being pursued against the news outlet that published the original article, according to the provincial government.

Samsung Expands Bluetooth LE Audio Features to TVs, Earbuds, and Laptops

Samsung is introducing Bluetooth LE Audio-based features to a range of its devices, including high-end TVs, wireless earbuds, and laptops. Here’s a breakdown of the updates:

  • TVs: Samsung’s 8K Neo QLED and Micro LED TV models from this year will receive the Auracast feature. Auracast allows users to pair multiple Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds with Samsung’s premium TVs. This enables multiple users to wirelessly hear audio from the TV simultaneously. Previously, only two wireless earbuds could be paired with these TVs. The feature will be rolled out to compatible smart TV models in September 2023.
  • Laptops: Samsung has already enhanced the audio quality and reduced latency when using Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with its high-end laptops. Thanks to LE Audio, users will experience improved audio quality and lower latency when using the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with laptops like the Galaxy Book 3, Galaxy Book 3 360, Galaxy Book 3 Pro, Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360, and Galaxy Book 3 Ultra.

Samsung’s expansion of Bluetooth LE Audio features demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing seamless and extended experiences across its range of devices. This move aligns with Samsung’s strategy of leveraging technology to connect its diverse lineup of electronic products.

Samsung is also planning to unveil additional Bluetooth LE Audio-based features at the IFA 2023 event in Berlin, promising more innovations and capabilities for its devices in the near future.

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