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WATCH| Jub Jub Runs For Dear Life As Gunshots Are Fired During Uyajola 9/9

In a recent episode of the TV show Uyajola 9/9, South African personality and singer Jub Jub faced a dangerous situation when gunshots were fired.

During Sunday’s episode, Jub Jub and his crew went to a notoriously dangerous hostel in Tembisa to help a man named Thando, whose girlfriend Nhlanhla was cheating on him. The situation escalated, and Nhlanhla insulted and humiliated Jub Jub to the point where he said he had never been insulted like that before.

Things took a more dangerous turn when gunshots were heard, and Jub Jub and his crew had to seek cover. Despite the gunfire, Jub Jub continued with the show, surprising many viewers with his bravery.


On social media, people praised Jub Jub for his courage and dedication to the show, even in such a risky situation. Some couldn’t believe that he confronted cheaters in such a dangerous place, and others commended his determination.

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