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Stephanie Sandows said the “age gap” between her and Hungani Bothered her

In a video with defining, Stephanie Sandows addressed the issue of the age gap between her and her husband, Hungani Ndlovu, who plays Romeo Medupe on Scandal. Stephanie, known for her role as Ingrid on the same show, revealed that initially, the age difference did bother her.

The couple has a four-year age gap, and Stephanie explained that her concern was not about how the age difference affected her personally, but rather how it might be perceived by others, including family and friends. She acknowledged that she was bothered by what people, especially those close to her, would think about their age difference.

However, Stephanie emphasized that she has matured since then and is no longer bothered by the age gap. It seems that her initial concern was more about external perceptions than any personal issue with the age difference.

Additionally, Stephanie shared some insights into their domestic life, mentioning that Hungani takes a long time to complete household chores. She expressed frustration with his meticulous approach to cleanliness, but also acknowledged that he is a good husband overall.

Interestingly, Stephanie disclosed that she doesn’t allow Hungani to handle much of the house decorations. She stated that Hungani is sentimental and tends to get attached to things, which she feels might lead to unconventional decor choices. As a result, she limits his involvement in decorating the house, allowing him only to handle their office space.

The couple, despite their differences, has a YouTube channel together, showcasing various aspects of their life and relationship.

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