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BREAKING: Killer Kau’s mother and brother sadly passed away

In a tragic turn of events, Killer Kau’s mother and brother passed away. Remember Khumalo, Killer Kau’s brother, expressed the sorrow, saying he never expected to bid farewell to his family members.

The pain deepened as Sakhile’s mother had previously met a tragic end, and now his brother had succumbed to a fatal accident while en route to a gig in Rustenburg.

The family faced the heartbreaking reality of a seeming curse, as Killer Kau’s uncle revealed that both his mother and brother had perished in a car accident. The “Thokuluth Hey” hitmaker, who died on August 7th, was remembered by grieving friends and family at a gathering to pay their last respects.

Survived by his father, grandmother, stepmother, three sisters, three brothers, niece, and nephew, Killer Kau left a void that echoed in the poignant tributes shared by family members. His girlfriend, profoundly affected, compiled a touching video of their cherished moments.

Reflecting on the past, Killer Kau’s aunt, Nelisiwe, shared how she played a pivotal role in nurturing the rising star and lamented being the one laying him to rest. Gugulethu, Killer Kau’s eldest sister, penned a heartfelt tribute, expressing the unpreparedness for his departure and the pain of losing his vibrant presence.

Xolisile Makhubu, describing Killer Kau as an honored brother, reminisced about their shared experiences, from silly fights to warm hugs. Siyabonga, the youngest brother, acknowledged the profound impact Killer Kau had on his life, expressing gratitude for the love and guidance received.

In the wake of this tragedy, the pain felt by family and friends is immeasurable, and the echoes of Killer Kau’s absence resonate deeply until they meet again.


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