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South Africa Department Of Education Approves SHONA Teaching In Their Schools

The Department of Education recently stated that public schools have the authority to offer foreign language instruction, responding to concerns about language education policies.

Tensions rose when the Patriotic Alliance (PA) organized a protest at Esikhisini Primary School in Pretoria, Atteridgeville, to oppose the supposed introduction of Shona language classes.

The PA accused the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) of working with the School Governing Board (SGB) chairperson, who is said to be from Zimbabwe, to introduce Shona lessons. However, the department denied receiving any formal request for Shona to be added to the curriculum.

PA deputy president Kenny Kunene criticized what he saw as prioritizing Zimbabwean students over South African ones.

PA spokesperson Steve Motale shared concerns from Esikhisini teachers about the proposed Shona language addition and other issues at the school, including a reported high percentage of Zimbabwean students.

In response, the school principal disputed the reported figure, stating that foreign students made up only 20% of the total student population in an interview with the SABC.

The Department of Education clarified that school principals can request the inclusion of foreign languages in their curriculum. Schools must submit formal applications supported by meeting minutes from parents and the SGB, showing collective agreement on the language addition. Considerations include student interest, availability of qualified teachers, and learning materials.

The department stressed that nationality and immigration status don’t affect the application process, emphasizing equal education for all learners, regardless of documentation.

The department reassured that non-South African students aren’t given preferential treatment over South African students, reaffirming a commitment to fairness and inclusivity in education.

Top South African Schools Revealed: A Look at the Cream of the Crop

In a recent ranking release, South Africa’s educational landscape shines a spotlight on the top institutions across the country. With a focus on academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and overall student development, these schools stand out as leaders in the field of education. Here’s a closer look at the top ten schools that made the prestigious list:

1. Herschel Girls School (Cape Town, Western Cape)
Known for its strong academic program and commitment to empowering young women, Herschel Girls School tops the charts as one of South Africa’s premier educational institutions.

2. St. John’s College (Johannesburg, Gauteng)
With a rich history dating back to 1898, St. John’s College continues to uphold its tradition of academic excellence and holistic student development.

3. Bishops Diocesan College (Cape Town, Western Cape)
Established in 1849, Bishops Diocesan College boasts a reputation for academic rigor, coupled with a vibrant sports and cultural program.

4. St. Mary’s School (Johannesburg, Gauteng)
St. Mary’s School prides itself on nurturing young minds in a supportive and inclusive environment, fostering both academic and personal growth.

5. St. Andrew’s College (Grahamstown, Eastern Cape)
As one of the oldest schools in South Africa, St. Andrew’s College maintains a tradition of excellence in academics, sports, and the arts.

6. Roedean School (Johannesburg, Gauteng)
Roedean School’s commitment to academic excellence and leadership development prepares students to excel in a rapidly changing world.

7. Michaelhouse (Balgowan, KwaZulu-Natal)
Nestled in the picturesque Midlands, Michaelhouse offers a holistic education grounded in academic rigor, outdoor pursuits, and community service.

8. Reddam House (Constantia, Western Cape)
Reddam House provides a dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their passions and reach their full potential.

9. St. Stithians College (Johannesburg, Gauteng)
With a focus on innovation and collaboration, St. Stithians College prepares students to become global citizens equipped to make a positive impact on society.

10. Diocesan School for Girls (Grahamstown, Eastern Cape)
Emphasizing academic excellence and character development, the Diocesan School for Girls cultivates a culture of integrity and compassion among its students.

These schools represent the pinnacle of South Africa’s educational system, providing students with the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

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