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Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo accused of being jealous of co- judge Thembi Seete, reasons revealed

Idols SA introduced new judges, Thembi Seete and JR Bogopa, which initially sparked social media backlash as fans preferred Unathi and Randall. However, the new judges, undeterred by negativity, improved their judging skills and won over viewers.

Nevertheless, tensions have arisen between Thembi Seete and Somizi Mhlongo, as observed in a recent episode.

In the latest Idols SA episode, Somizi appeared visibly irked by Thembi Seete’s comments. Fans speculated on Twitter about why Somizi felt challenged by her presence. Some suggested that Somizi, accustomed to being the center of attention, might be bothered by Thembi’s equally vibrant fashion sense, which is drawing significant audience admiration.

Thembi Seete’s fashion choices have been a highlight on the show, and this growing emphasis on fashion among the judges has not gone unnoticed. In a recent episode, all judges dressed impeccably, with Thembi Seete shining in an all-gold ensemble.

Thembi Seete and Somizi Mhlongo

This shift towards a fashion-centric atmosphere received praise, particularly for Thembi, from host ProVerb. However, Somizi’s apparent jealousy towards Thembi became evident, leaving viewers convinced that he was struggling with her growing popularity.

Tech Leaders and Lawmakers Discuss AI Regulation

Tech CEOs, including Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai, recently met with US lawmakers in Washington to discuss the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). The closed-door meeting was convened by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and also included civil rights advocates.

The gathering highlighted the growing consensus among tech leaders for the need to regulate AI, which has the potential for both positive and negative impacts. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, testified before a US Senate committee earlier this year, emphasizing the importance of addressing the potential pitfalls of AI technology.

Concerns surrounding AI include its potential to lead to job displacements, increase fraud, and make misinformation more convincing. AI companies have also faced criticism for using data scraped from the internet without permission or compensation to creators.

Elon Musk has previously advocated for the establishment of a regulatory body to oversee AI and ensure public safety. During the recent meeting, Musk reiterated the need for a “referee” for artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg stressed that Congress should engage with AI to support innovation while implementing safeguards. He emphasized the importance of American companies working with the government to shape AI models on critical issues.

While there is agreement on the need for government involvement in regulating AI, crafting legislation remains a challenge, with lawmakers acknowledging that it will take time to develop and implement effective regulations.

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