Ntsiki Mazwai Opens Up About Feelings of Guilt and Haunting Memories

Ntsiki Mazwai Opens Up About Feelings of Guilt and Haunting Memories Surrounding Nelli Tembe’s Tragic Death

Johannesburg, South Africa – Outspoken media personality Ntsiki Mazwai has recently revealed a deep sense of guilt and haunting emotions tied to her silence surrounding the tragic passing of Nelli Tembe, the late fiancée of rapper AKA (Kiernan Forbes).

These revelations came to light through a series of candid tweets, sparking a renewed focus on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Nelli Tembe’s untimely demise in April 2021.

Ntsiki Mazwai, a former Moja Love presenter, is no stranger to controversy, often voicing her strong opinions on various matters. Her comments have ranged from her disdain for AKA to criticisms directed at his ex-partner, DJ Zinhle, particularly concerning their shared parenting responsibilities for their daughter, Kairo.

The heart of Ntsiki’s recent introspection lies in her reluctance to speak out about Nelli Tembe’s tragic death, which she now regrets. Tembe, a model and qualified chef, lost her life in a shocking incident where she allegedly jumped from the tenth floor of a Cape Town hotel, while her rapper partner AKA was present.

The Reopened Investigation and Family Suspicions

In May, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) announced the reopening of the investigation into Nelli Tembe’s death, casting a spotlight on this tragic event once more. The parents of AKA, who was engaged to Tembe at the time of her passing, have been informed of this development.

The circumstances surrounding Nelli Tembe’s death have been shrouded in uncertainty, with her family expressing doubts about the official account of events. The Tembe family had raised concerns that the NPA had not prosecuted anyone, particularly Kiernan Forbes, in connection with her tragic demise.

While many South Africans hope that the reopening of the investigation will bring closure to the Tembe family, Ntsiki Mazwai is grappling with lingering feelings of guilt for not being more vocal when the news first broke.

Ntsiki’s Haunting Regret

In a recent tweet, Ntsiki Mazwai paid tribute to Nelli Tembe, saying, “Rest in Peace, Nelli Tembe.” When questioned about her sudden introspection on the matter, Ntsiki candidly replied, “Yes, it does haunt me that I wasn’t more vocal. But I was lawsuit deep.” These cryptic words suggest that Ntsiki was facing legal challenges that restricted her ability to speak openly about the situation.

Her statement, “Nelli Tembe haunts me,” underscores the emotional toll this tragic event has taken on her.

Controversy Surrounding the Death

Ntsiki Mazwai had previously made waves by insinuating that Nelli Tembe’s death was not a suicide, shortly after the passing of AKA in March. She drew attention to a viral video showing AKA breaking down a hotel room door, raising questions about the incident and the subsequent deletion of the video.

Ntsiki also expressed her discomfort with how quickly AKA appeared to move on following his fiancée’s death. She remarked on the family dynamics at Nelli’s funeral, where her siblings had to walk behind the Forbes family, signaling a troubling shift in her eyes.

In her tweets, Ntsiki vowed to keep Nelli’s memory alive and called for an explanation as to why the family had stated that Nelli did not commit suicide.

As South Africa continues to grapple with the complex circumstances surrounding Nelli Tembe’s tragic end, Ntsiki Mazwai’s reflections serve as a reminder of the lingering questions and emotional impact that surround this heartbreaking incident.

The renewed interest in the case following the NPA’s decision to reopen the investigation may provide answers and closure for the Tembe family and those haunted by the memories of Nelli’s untimely passing.

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