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After varsity, what’s next? Career guidance

A lot of people do not normally receive a guide on where to go after they finish their varsity. If they are not lucky enough to go to tertiary education, they are stuck at home, and then they start abusing drugs or even worse.

Here is a guide on what one can do after they have finished high school, and then maybe we will talk about what one can do after tertiary education, but that is simpler because at least they have studied a particular profession, so they might just go and look for a job.

Those who are fortunate enough after high school get to chase their dreams; some will start pursuing their talent in singing, others in dancing, and for those who are not clear about what they like, their parents might help them into professional courses like hotel and hospitality, hairdressing, or beauty therapy.

What I have noticed is that girls are likely to get this opportunity if they fail high school, but boys are treated otherwise. There is a belief that if a boy’s high school grades are unpleasant, it is mainly because they were doing drugs and not paying attention to school work. Now, when school is over, they just stay at home, and that is when real problems start.

After varsity, what’s next? Career guidance

After finishing high school and realizing that you have been home for maybe over six months and your parents are not saying anything because you have failed, you need to start thinking about your future.

Think about what you love doing and pursue it. Education is important, but you might also notice that the richest men in the world are not academics. Obviously, we have people like Jeff Bezos who are engineers and computer scientists, but we are not all that mentally strong. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are some of the people who chose a different path from school, but obviously it was a choice, and they succeeded.

After varsity, what's next?
After varsity, what’s next?

In this case, you have no choice but to look for other ways to earn money. Start where you are and think of something to sell. You remember the book Rich Dad and Poor Dad for Teens? It will help you get an overview of what you can do with yourself in the meantime.

Start selling small things like sweets, bread, and maybe tomatoes and start earning those small profits. That way, you can buy your own airtime and maybe get your hair done without thinking of getting a sugar daddy or robbing someone to get money.

You will notice that if you are disciplined enough, small businesses will grow, and you will start venturing into other businesses. Even if you get the chance to go back to school, you can still run the business. The most important thing is to save. After you start earning those small profits, make a habit of saving. A dollar a day will go a long way.

Be your own boss and stop relying on your parents so much because they might not be able to help you all the time. At the end of the day, you only have yourself to remember that.

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