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The unknown truth about witches and black magic

Debunking Myths and Challenging Stereotypes | Discover the Truth About Witches and Break Free from Misconceptions.

I’m sure you are wondering why this topic is important, so you will notice that mostly in Africa, witches are a common idea, and there is a general belief that they perform their acts at night. An ill-tempered old woman who has medical powers that she uses to harm others. But we know very well that we live in a world of equality, so don’t be surprised if you see a man who is a witch, if you are lucky enough to meet one.

They are called agents of the night, and yet during the day, they are among us. They get sick, go to work, and even die like the rest of us, but at night they are hunters, hunting for the dead, if that’s even a thing!

It is believed witches travel using African brooms called Mutsvairo, and they can travel long distances just to go and eat a dead relative.

The unknown truth about witches and black magic

The distance could be a thousand miles or more, but they make sure that they return within the night because some of these agents are married, so they need to get back to their spouses before they wake up.

The unknown truth about witches and black magic

Now, the unfortunate part about this whole sect is that they are hated more than anything because they don’t respect the dead, and they can get arrested if they are caught. The problem is that you can never tell if your friend, your mother, or your sister is a witch because sometimes they don’t even know it.

They are possessed by spirits that push them to do these things; they are blamed for most of the family’s misfortunes, and sometimes someone could have just died of a natural cause, but because we don’t understand it, we blame the witch.

Unlike other evil sects like Satanism or some Brotherhood organizations, where they sacrifice people for money and other riches, witches generally have nothing to show for it. It is just a way of life that they have chosen, whether knowingly or unknowingly, but at the end of the day, they are still poor and suffering like the rest of us, which is ironic!

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