Classy clapback? Khune’s wife reacts after Minnie’s TV diss [watch]

Minnie Dlamini’s Shade Hits the Goalposts, But Khune’s Wife Scores a Cryptic Comeback!

Itu Khune’s wife was praised for keeping it classy after she reacted to his ex Minnie Dlamini’s comments about the Kaizer Chiefs star.

In the wild world of celebrity shade, Minnie Dlamini found herself with egg on her face when a sassy clip of her taking aim at Kaizer Chiefs’ goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, became the internet’s MVP.

But did Mrs. Khune, aka Sphelele, respond to the TV sensation’s throw of shade with a cryptic post that had the crowd cheering?

Minnie, who once danced to the love tango with Khune and spilled the tea on filing for divorce from Quinton Jones last year, is now getting side-eyed for her on-screen banter.

Minnie Dlamini’s Shady Showdown:
In a snippet from her latest TV spectacle, “Curated By Tanqueray,” Minnie was caught throwing some serious shade at her ex-beau, Itumeleng Khune.

In response to a crew member pointing out Khune’s recent Soweto Derby stint, Minnie exclaimed, “No man, Khune doesn’t still play.” Shocked, she added, “He STILL plays.” Well, color us surprised!

Flashback to the Love Game:
Let’s rewind to Minnie and Khune’s romantic saga from 2011 to 2014, complete with engagement rumors. The TV star then traded jerseys to team up with Quinton Jones, whom she wed in 2017. Meanwhile, Khune took his shot with Sbahle Mpisane before scoring big with Sphelele Mkhunga, whom he officially wedded last year in a traditional ceremony. Talk about a match-winning move!

Khune’s Defiant Play:
In recent years, Khune’s been tackled with retirement rumors and age-related shade. However, the Kaizer Chiefs goalie, who’s been on the pitch since 2004, gave critics a red card by extending his contract for another year. In your face, retirement talk!

The Chiefs declared, “While Khune will be scoring goals on the field, he’s also gearing up for a coaching and ambassadorial role.” Talk about a strategic game plan!

Sphelele’s Cryptic Victory Lap:
As the gossip ball rolled, Khune’s wife, Sphelele, entered the field with a cryptic Instagram post. A picture of herself with the caption, “Own lane, own race, own pace.” Scoreboard: Sphelele 1, Minnie 0.

Itu gave the post a nod of approval, and the fans went wild. Comments flooded in, praising Sphelele for minding her business like a true MVP.

“Best wife. How you mind your business, keep it up.”

“On their necks.”

“Khune’s number one choice.”

Looks like the game’s not over, and the off-field drama is just as thrilling as the on-field action!

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