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Woman at raped at konka

Konka, a popular night spot in Soweto, is now owned by Kutlwano Pitso, a lively businessman from South Africa. Pitso, a graduate of the IMM Graduate School in Johannesburg, started his career by selling perfumes and learning about customer behavior.

Some women are living in fear due to men who disregard their well-being. Although there have been cases of fast and brutal assaults, societal norms often allow the perpetrators to go free.

Many women fear reporting assault cases due to concerns about how they will be treated, especially if they lack evidence. Reporting assault can be challenging, as alcohol-related incidents often lead to judgment rather than support from law enforcement.

A woman assaulted at Konka is seeking help to identify her attacker, known as “Dzaddy love” on Instagram. She turned to social media, including Twitter, for assistance in exposing him, and he eventually stopped his harmful actions when confronted publicly.

5 important things happening in South Africa today

South Africa’s Agoa Status: Risk Recedes

Standard Bank Group CEO Sim Tshabalala suggests that the risk of South Africa being removed from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) and facing sanctions over its Kremlin ties has diminished. The bank believes the Ramaphosa administration has taken steps to address Washington’s concerns regarding its alignment with Russia in the Ukraine conflict. [Source: Business Day]

Investment Trends: Inflows and Outflows

South African asset managers attracted R567.3 billion in investments during the second quarter, but investors also sold investments worth R577.7 billion, resulting in net outflows of R10.4 billion. ASISA’s Senior Policy Advisor, Sunette Mulder, suggests existing investors may have sold their investments due to financial pressure. [Source: Daily Investor]

Eskom’s Load Shedding Update

Eskom announces the easing of load shedding, with stage 5 load shedding scheduled from 05:00 today (8 September). An updated schedule for the weekend is expected to be released later in the day. [Source: BusinessTech]

Legal Challenge for Karpowership in Saldanha Bay

Environmental groups raise concerns over Environment Minister Barbara Creecy’s decision regarding Karpowership in Saldanha Bay. They argue that allowing Karpowership to submit a Generic Environmental Management Programme (GEMPr) past the regulatory deadline was unlawful. The decision did not consider their arguments against the company’s appeal of the Chief Director’s decision. [Source: 702]

Market Update: Rand’s Recovery and Current Account Deficit

The rand showed signs of recovery on Thursday following an improvement in the consumer confidence index. However, new data revealed that South Africa’s current account deficit had widened. The rand was trading at R19.13/USD, R20.50/EUR, and R23.90/GBP on Friday (8 September), while oil was priced at $89.31 a barrel. [Source: Reuters]

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