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Sangoma Gogo Maweni’s new muti breaks the internet. See what it does to baby-daddies

Gogo Maweni’s Serpent Saga: Cobra Shopping and Shocking Confessions

Sangoma and reality TV star Gogo Maweni, known for her mystical inclinations and appearances on Mzansi Magic’s Izangoma Zodumo, has once again stirred up social media with her unique choices, this time involving a new pet cobra. The saga unfolds with a mix of fascination, bewilderment, and eyebrow-raising confessions.

Cobra Shopping and Mixed Twitter Reactions

In a recent Twitter post, Gogo Maweni shared a video clip proudly displaying her latest acquisition—a venomous cobra. The video features a voice in the background, potentially that of her husband Sabelo Magube, expressing admiration for the reptile’s venomous nature. The footage led to a spectrum of reactions on Twitter, ranging from quirky remarks to suspicions of witchcraft.

Some Twitter users playfully suggested Gogo Maweni use her purported mystical powers to end load shedding, while others questioned if the snake could vomit money. The conversation also delved into African cultural beliefs, with one user noting, “Now I believe when they say iinyoka ziyazwana [Snakes understand each other].”

Responding to Allegations of Witchcraft

Gogo Maweni’s affinity for snakes has previously sparked rumors and allegations of witchcraft. Earlier this year, in a podcast interview with MacG and Sol Phenduka, she revealed that her house is home to several snakes, an owl, and rabbits. Addressing the accusations, she firmly denied using the animals for any dark magic or wealth-giving practices, emphasizing her love for animals.

Shocking Confession: Muthi Use on Thabo Rakhale and Siyabonga Zulu

In a startling revelation on Gigi Lamayne’s podcast, Point of View, Gogo Maweni confessed to using muthi (traditional medicine) to influence the lives of her ex-boyfriends. The celebrity sangoma claimed to have used muthi to end the soccer career of her ex-boyfriend and Orlando Pirates player Thabo Rakhale after their breakup.

Additionally, in the same podcast interview, she admitted to bewitching her first baby daddy, former Mamelodi Sundowns player Siyabonga Zulu. Gogo Maweni explained that she took action to “teach him a lesson” for failing to pay child maintenance and other grievances. According to her, she helped Zulu advance in his career but felt betrayed when he crashed her car and engaged in infidelity.

Social Media Speculation and Past Controversies

Gogo Maweni has faced scrutiny on social media before, with speculations linking her to the controversial behavior of her ex-boyfriend, actor SK Khoza. Despite social media claims suggesting she orchestrated Khoza’s actions, the actor clarified that the incidents were the result of a moment where he was treated poorly.

The sangoma has consistently defended her choices and beliefs, maintaining that her interactions with snakes are not rooted in witchcraft but rather a deep connection with animals.

In summary, Gogo Maweni continues to captivate and surprise social media users with her unconventional lifestyle and revelations, provoking discussions around cultural beliefs and mysticism.

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