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43-year-old Gomora actress Katlego Danke pregnant, SEE who’s the father HERE

Gomora Fans Buzz as ‘Thati’ Katlego Danke’s Pregnancy Sparks Rumors On and Off-Screen

Is Katlego Danke Expecting?

Excitement and speculation are swirling as rumors circulate that Gomora actress Katlego Danke, known for her portrayal of Onthatile “Thati” Molefe-Ndaba on Mzansi Magic’s hit show, is pregnant in real life. The 43-year-old actress is said to be expecting her second child, and fans are eagerly trying to separate fact from fiction.

Insider Insights

An anonymous inside source has reportedly shared the news, stating that Katlego Danke is already halfway through her pregnancy. The revelation has become an open secret among the Gomora cast, with onlookers noting the visible baby bump, fueling the pregnancy speculations.

“It’s an open secret. The Gomora cast is already aware of it. Judging from her baby bump, she’s halfway through,” shared the undisclosed source.

Script Rewrites and Pregnancy Storylines

Adding more fuel to the rumors, reports suggest that the producers of ‘Gomora’ adjusted the script to incorporate Katlego Danke’s pregnancy into her character’s storyline. The actress has reportedly informed only a select few individuals, including the producers, to facilitate the integration of her pregnancy into the show.

“She has only informed a few people, including the producers so that they could incorporate her pregnancy into her script,” disclosed another source.

Silence Speaks Volumes

Katlego Danke, known for her private life, has neither confirmed nor denied the pregnancy rumors, keeping fans in suspense. The lack of a formal statement from the actress has only added to the intrigue surrounding her possible pregnancy.

South African businessman, Patrice Motsepe and Katlego Danke are allegedly expecting their second child.

Danke gave birth to a son in 2014, which has often been reported to be billionaire Patrice.

The Gomora actress and billionaire have refused to react to reports about their affair, but a source confirmed the pregnancy to Daily Sun.

“She has only informed a few people, including the producers so that they could incorporate her pregnancy into her script.”

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