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Yikes! Woolworths customer discovers ‘intestines’ in boxed juice

A Woolworths shopper, known by the Twitter handle @lu_lulama, recently shared a distressing experience involving a popular juice carton from the retailer. Expressing shock and trauma, she claimed to have discovered what appeared to be “intestines” inside the house brand beverage.

Taking to Twitter on January 31, @lu_lulama posted images of the Woolworths juice carton and described the unsettling encounter. According to her tweet, after pouring the juice, black substances emerged. Suspecting something was amiss, they shook the bottle and decided to investigate further by opening it. To their horror, what seemed like intestines or a similar substance was found inside. The customer expressed her disgust, vowed to return all purchased juices, and declared she would never buy them again.

The Twitter community responded with shared horror and disgust. Some users expressed their reluctance to buy boxed liquids, while others questioned the safety of Woolworths’ beverages. Suggestions of legal action against Woolworths for alleged negligence in quality control were also raised in the comments section.

Woolworths, in response to the incident, acknowledged the customer’s complaint and issued a public apology on Twitter. They expressed regret for the unexpected turn of events and requested the customer to provide more information and contact details via direct message to address the issue.

However, the company’s seemingly casual response drew criticism from some social media users who felt it didn’t adequately address the seriousness of the situation. The public’s reaction raises concerns about the potential impact on consumer trust in Woolworths products.

As this incident unfolds, the question arises: Will consumers continue to purchase boxed beverages from Woolworths after such a disturbing discovery? The comments section on social media platforms reflects the diverse opinions and concerns of customers regarding food safety and product quality.

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