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‘2024 zajika izinto’: Skomota turns away an unknown woman at a club

In the wake of his newfound fame, Skomota has been riding the wave of success, busy with various engagements and rubbing shoulders with numerous celebrities. Headlining several events, he’s become a recognizable face in the entertainment scene.

While Skomota previously made headlines with his viral cozy videos featuring women, 2024 seems to mark a shift in his approach. Recent buzz surrounds a video where he blue-ticked an unknown woman at a club, turning her away. The viral footage, with an unknown timeline, has sparked discussions across social media platforms, drawing thousands of comments and reactions.

Mzansi, quick to share their thoughts, expressed varying opinions. Some perceived it as a positive assertion of self-worth, praising Skomota for knowing his value. Others humorously speculated that he might be saving money or aiming to buy a luxury car. The online discourse reflects the public’s curiosity and interpretations of Skomota’s actions.

Skomota’s journey to stardom began in 2023 when he won R3 million through betting, propelling him into the limelight. Interestingly, he found love while cashing out his winnings, with rumors suggesting that the woman who assisted him during this process is now his partner. Despite the speculations surrounding his personal life, Skomota has continued to excel in his career as an MC and host, bringing his unique flair to the entertainment industry.

His signature dance moves, showcased during Orlando Pirates star Evidence Makgopa’s celebration of an African Cup of Nations goal, have garnered global attention. Makgopa’s epic dance moves have been featured by various media outlets worldwide, leaving fans impressed and contributing to Skomota’s international recognition.

In the midst of his rising popularity, Skomota’s interactions and public appearances continue to captivate audiences, making him a notable figure in the entertainment landscape.

Prostitutes swindle Skomota off huge cash and steal his expensive cell phone

Amidst Skomota’s journey into the spotlight, it’s worth noting that he learned a valuable lesson the hard way last year. In an unfortunate incident, his phones were stolen at a groove, presumably by the women he was mingling with.


Prostitutes swindle Skomota off huge cash and steal his expensive cell phone #skomota #SAMA28 #fyp #fypシ゚viral

♬ original sound – TheRealKing_Jazz

This setback, though challenging, seems to have contributed to a shift in his approach and behavior, as seen in the recent video where he turned away an unknown woman at a club. It highlights a personal growth and a newfound awareness, showing that Skomota is navigating the complexities of fame with resilience and a lesson learned from past experiences.

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