Senzo Meyiwa’s Wife Mandisa Should Be Investigated for killing Senzo! Kelly Khumalo’s sister Zandie drops bombshell.

Zandie Khumalo Gumede Calls for Investigation Into Senzo Meyiwa’s Wife, Mandisa Mkhize

Explosive Allegations and Calls for Further Investigation

In a shocking revelation, Zandie Khumalo Gumede, sister of renowned South African singer Kelly Khumalo, has urged authorities to investigate Senzo Meyiwa’s wife, Mandisa Mkhize, for the murder of the late Bafana Bafana captain.

During an exclusive interview with Slindelo Masikane on eNCA, Zandie dropped a bombshell, suggesting that the murder might have been a hit gone wrong.

Questioning the Investigation

Zandie took to social media before the interview, raising questions about why Mandisa had not been considered a suspect despite the murder occurring at her husband’s girlfriend’s residence.

The Afro-pop singer expressed her concerns, stating, “For the very first time in this country kushona umyeni ushonela [a husband dies] at a girlfriend’s house yet the wife has never even once been considered a suspect, wake wayizwaphi leyonto [where has such ever happened]??? Whether she did it or not, the investigation will determine, but naye akaphenywe [she should also be investigated]!”

Exploring Uninvestigated Angles

During the eNCA interview, Zandie raised questions about Mandisa’s role in the investigation. She questioned why Mandisa’s phone was not taken and why she had not been thoroughly investigated. Zandie also alleged that Senzo’s mother harbored a deep hatred for Kelly and had attempted to break them up using spells. She suggested that both Senzo’s mother and wife might have been involved in a plot against Kelly.

Desperate Attempts to Save Senzo

Zandie emotionally revealed that she tried desperately to keep Senzo alive when they rushed him to the hospital. Recounting the tragic incident, she stated, “I was the one sitting with Senzo at the back [of the car] putting pressure on the wound leading to the hospital. Even on our way to the hospital, I could feel him getting cold from his feet … I was busy talking to him all the way, trying to keep him alive but unfortunately …”

Cooperation with the Investigation

Zandie emphasized that she fully cooperated with the police investigation and underwent multiple interrogations. The singer was present at Kelly Khumalo’s house in Vosloorus when Senzo Meyiwa was shot, along with her ex-boyfriend Longwe Twala, her sister Kelly, three other adults, and two children.

As these explosive allegations unfold, the South African public waits to see if authorities will reopen the investigation and consider Mandisa Mkhize as a potential suspect in the tragic murder of Senzo Meyiwa.

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