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“She’s lying” Durban Gen Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya accused of lying about being a virgin

Durban Gen sensation Nelisiwe Sibiya finds herself embroiled in a burgeoning controversy as accusations circulate regarding the authenticity of her claim to virginity.

The actress, who has faced increased scrutiny on social media, is under fire for allegedly not adhering to her self-proclaimed virgin status, particularly in connection with rumored involvement with sports commentator Robert Marawa.

Speculation surrounding Sibiya’s personal life has intensified since reports emerged linking her romantically to Robert Marawa. Despite previous assertions of her virginity, which were highlighted in a 2022 April Indafrica article, Twitter users have voiced skepticism, challenging her supposed purity.

The drama escalated when gossip columnist Musa Khawula criticized Sibiya’s acting abilities in a blog post, leading Twitter users to converge in the comment section, not only contesting her professional prowess but also questioning her virginity claims. The discussions expanded beyond her acting talents, with allegations of her being inconsistent in her proclaimed values.

An intriguing observation made by Twitter users revolves around Sibiya’s association with purported virgins in photographs but her lack of the traditional white dot symbolizing virginity on her forehead. This has prompted discussions about her authenticity, with some suggesting that she might not have undergone a virginity test, leading to accusations of promiscuity.

In another twist, Sibiya’s absence from the recent Reed Dance, a cultural event celebrating purity and self-pride, raised eyebrows among South Africans. Given Sibiya’s strong religious beliefs and vocal assertions of her virginity, her non-participation in the event has fueled doubts and speculation about the sincerity of her claims.

Sibiya, addressing the swirling rumors during an appearance on Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM, denied any romantic involvement with Robert Marawa. Despite facing accusations of being a subpar actress, she has chosen not to respond to the numerous allegations circulating on social media, leaving her true stance on the virginity controversy shrouded in mystery.

The multifaceted drama surrounding Nelisiwe Sibiya continues to captivate the public, leaving them eagerly awaiting her response and seeking clarity on the contentious issue.

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