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10 Female Celebrities Who Are Married To Younger Men

Young men are where it’s at, just ask these female celebrities who are in happy marriages with men younger than them.

Standiwe and Tony

Sta Kgoroge born in 1972 and Tony Kgoroge born in 1974 have been together for a whopping 21 years. They are busy living their lives as best friends without any scandals and we can’t help but stan. I am sure their successful marriage has nothing to do with age, but damn it, it’s so heartwarming to see celebrity couples flourishing.

Murdah Bongz and Dj Zinhle

DJ Zinhle who was born in 1983 is an ambassador for this kind of relationship. First with her ex AKA who was 5 years younger than her since he was born in 1988 of course their relationship ended. After AKA, she found another younger man in Murdah Bongz who was born in 1987 and is 4 years younger than her. They recently made things official and got married.

Leleti and Winston

Leleti Khumalo born in 1970 was previously married to playwright Mbongeni Ngema who was 15 years older than her. When that didn’t work out, she found herself a new husband Winston Khanyi le who is two years younger than her. She says she is very happy with him and their two children.

Howza and Salamina

I know l am crazy for putting this couple on the list but hear me out… Yes, they were born in the same year, 1983 but Salamina was born on the 19th of June and her husband Howza was born on the 19th of July exactly a month apart. So technically Howza is still the younger one. 

Zam and Nkensani

Khensani Manganyi make her appearance in 1973 and Zam Nkosi came into the game in 1975 so they are both 49 and 47 respectively.

Hungani and Stephanie

Stephanie Ndlovu is leadership! Not only did she make the first move on husband Hungani, she is also the older one. She was born 1990 and Hungani was born 4 years later in 1994.

Priddy Ugly and Bontle

Another person who believes in making the first move is Bontle Modiselle. She asked Priddy Ugly out 13 years ago. She is older by two years she was born in 1990 while Priddy was born in 1992.

Well, the last two are younger male celebrities married to older women.

Wandile and Jessica

Wandile Molebatsi is 4 years younger than his wife Jessica who turned 35 this year. The two have been married for 9 blissful years and have two bundles of joy.

Tamia and Andile

Andile Mpisane is about that cougar life! His ex girlfriend Sithelo Shozi was 7 years older than him and his current wife Tamia is 5 years older than him.

IN OTHER NEWS: Exploring the Top Paying Jobs in South Africa

South Africa, known for its diverse economy and rich cultural tapestry, offers a range of lucrative career opportunities. As the nation continues to grow and develop, certain professions stand out for their high earning potential. In this article, we will delve into some of the top paying jobs in South Africa, shedding light on the key industries and roles that command impressive salaries.

1. Information Technology (IT) Executives

In the digital age, the demand for skilled IT professionals has skyrocketed, making roles such as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) highly coveted. IT executives play a crucial role in driving innovation, managing technology infrastructure, and ensuring cybersecurity. With the increasing reliance on technology across industries, IT executives enjoy competitive salaries that reflect their expertise and strategic contributions.

2. Mining Engineers

South Africa is renowned for its abundance of natural resources, and the mining industry plays a pivotal role in the country’s economy. Mining engineers, responsible for planning and overseeing mining operations, are among the top earners in the engineering field. Their expertise in extracting valuable minerals safely and efficiently is crucial, and as a result, they command high salaries in recognition of their specialized skills.

3. Investment Bankers

The financial sector in South Africa is a dynamic and integral part of the economy, with investment banking emerging as one of the highest paying professions. Investment bankers are involved in complex financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, and they provide strategic financial advice to corporations. The high stakes and intricate nature of their work contribute to the substantial compensation packages offered to these financial professionals.

4. Medical Specialists

Healthcare professionals, especially specialized medical practitioners, are among the top earners in South Africa. Specialties such as neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and radiology require years of extensive education and training. The scarcity of these highly skilled professionals, coupled with the critical nature of their work, results in elevated salaries. South Africa places a premium on quality healthcare, and medical specialists are well-rewarded for their expertise and dedication.

5. Petroleum Engineers

With South Africa actively exploring and developing its oil and gas reserves, petroleum engineers are in high demand. These engineers are responsible for designing and implementing methods to extract oil and gas from the earth. Given the technical complexity and importance of their work in the energy sector, petroleum engineers enjoy some of the highest salaries in the engineering domain.

6. Actuaries

In the realm of finance and insurance, actuaries play a vital role in assessing and managing risk. These professionals use mathematical and statistical models to analyze financial implications and make informed decisions. The scarcity of skilled actuaries and the increasing complexity of risk management contribute to the high compensation packages in this field.

Conclusion: Pursuing High-Paying Careers in South Africa

As South Africa continues to evolve economically and technologically, the demand for skilled professionals in various sectors remains strong. Those seeking lucrative careers can explore opportunities in information technology, mining, finance, healthcare, and engineering. By acquiring the necessary education, skills, and experience, individuals can position themselves for success in these top paying jobs, contributing to their personal growth and the overall development of the nation.

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