This Is Disgrace, Makhadzi’s Statue Leaves People Angry

Disappointment spread as a photo of a model resembling South African artist Makhadzi circulated online, leaving fans let down. Makhadzi, a globally celebrated artist, has garnered an immense following worldwide and stands out as one of South Africa’s prominent entertainers. Despite her youth, she’s making a remarkable impact and elevating the country’s profile.

Just a few weeks ago, she wowed a crowd with a solo performance in Botswana, drawing a massive audience. This achievement marked a significant milestone in her career. Despite the challenges she faced, Makhadzi’s relentless dedication and hard work are paying off, propelling her to become one of the nation’s top performers.

Yet, even with her success, she continues to face cyberbullying, with the recent model depiction causing a stir online. This form of online harassment is a serious concern, capable of inflicting real harm on individuals. Makhadzi’s story serves as a reminder of the broader issue of cyberbullying, urging people to treat one another with respect and empathy in the digital realm.

Win $50 000, Join MEST Africa Challenge 2023 for Early-stage Technology Startups

Calling for Innovators: MEST Africa Challenge (MAC) 2023

Innovate, Elevate, and Conquer with MAC 2023

Are you a visionary early-stage tech startup ready to embark on a journey of exponential growth? Look no further – the MEST Africa Challenge (MAC) 2023 is here to propel your aspirations to new heights.

A Pan-African Pitching Platform

If you’re passionate about innovation, hungry for remarkable growth, and eager to leave an indelible mark, MAC 2023 is your ultimate platform. This Pan-African pitch competition beckons to all tech startups with audacious dreams.

Key Dates and Overview

Circle the date: Monday, October 9, 2023 – the application deadline for MAC 2023. This competition is a beacon of opportunity for tech startups hailing from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, and South Africa.

In its 5th year, MAC invites tech visionaries to vie for the coveted $50,000 equity prize, while simultaneously gaining access to invaluable mentorship and the extensive MEST Africa community.

A Pan-African Stage for Innovation Showcase

Join the ranks of Africa’s burgeoning tech innovators and entrepreneurs as you step onto the spotlight of the continent’s premier startup pitch competition.

Envision your startup soaring to new heights with the unwavering support of MEST. Over its evolution, this competition has become a pivotal establishment in Africa’s startup landscape, providing hundreds of entrepreneurs an unparalleled global stage.

Seize the $50,000 Equity Prize – Enter MAC 2023

Eligibility Criteria

Make sure your startup meets these criteria to be part of this transformative journey:

  • Base of Operations: Your startup must operate within one of the 5 countries hosting the Regional Finals.
  • Financial Metrics: Monthly recurring revenue must surpass $5,000.
  • Funding Stage: Total cumulative funding raised should not exceed $1 million.
  • Establishment Duration: Your startup’s inception should not surpass 3 years.
  • Proven Traction: Minimum of 6 months of recurring revenue is essential.
  • Founding Team: A founding team comprising of at least 2 members is mandatory.
  • Registration: Preference is given to startups registered in Delaware.

Rewards Await the Visionaries

By engaging with MAC 2023, a world of rewards unfolds:

  • $50,000 Equity Prize: Stand the chance to secure a substantial equity investment.
  • Global Exposure: Garner attention from investors and potential partners on an international scale.
  • Lifelong Support: Become an integral part of MEST’s supportive community for life.
  • Partner Prizes: Win alluring perks from MEST’s strategic partners.

Dream Big, Innovate Bigger – MAC 2023 Awaits Your Brilliance

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