Leon Schuster

South African comedian Leon Schuster is currently in the hospital due to health issues, according to his family.

The well-known funnyman is undergoing recovery from a back surgery performed at a hospital in Pretoria. A video of Schuster filmed during his hospital stay has caused concern among his millions of fans in South Africa.

Schuster’s movies have been a consistent source of laughter for many, which is evident from the hundreds of fans who have taken to the internet to send him heartfelt “get well soon” messages.

Close family confirms that we won’t be seeing him anytime soon in the acting industry as he’s improving.

South Africa Sends Wishes to Ailing Leon Schuster

South Africans are still mourning the loss of TV icon Derek Watts, who succumbed to cancer on August 22. This has left the nation particularly sensitive, especially upon learning about the hospitalization of renowned comedian Leon Schuster.

A close friend of Schuster, Rene Stokes, shared on an online platform that the star of “Mr Bones” is currently recuperating in a Pretoria medical facility after undergoing a back surgery. Stokes also posted a video clip of Schuster, showing his positive spirits as he expressed support for the national rugby team, the Springboks.

Comedian Leon Schuster: Health Update and Career

Leon Schuster, known for his successful career as a comedian and prankster, has brought laughter to millions through his films. His fame, however, was accompanied by controversies, including accusations of using blackface for profit, a move he later expressed regret for.

On June 19, 2020, streaming service Showmax removed more than six of Schuster’s films from their platform, citing concerns about racial insensitivity. Despite the challenges, Schuster’s impact on comedy and entertainment in South Africa remains significant.

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