This is what actress Mapula Mafole is now doing after leaving Rhythm City

In the wake of her departure from the long-running television drama “Rhythm City,” actress Mapula Mafole has embarked on a diverse and dynamic journey, captivating the attention of Mzansi with her unexpected ventures.

Renowned for her role on Rhythm City, a series that witnessed 14 years of dramatic storytelling before its recent cancellation, Mapula found herself thrust into the limelight. The show’s axing led to substantial payouts for the cast, marking the end of an era filled with thrills. Despite the initial turbulence in her road to fame, Mapula emerged as the next big thing in Mzansi, transitioning from her character on Rhythm City to becoming a praised star entertainer.

In the aftermath of Rhythm City’s cancellation, various cast members, including the fiery Mduduzi Mabaso and the character Fats portrayed by Mpho Molepo, secured roles in other drama series such as Diep City and Skeem Saam, respectively. Yet, the question lingered: Where did the rest of the cast disappear to? Like their counterparts, many sought alternative avenues to sustain their careers.

Mapula, however, chose a multifaceted approach. As a celebrated actress and model, she diversified her portfolio beyond acting. Reports reveal her success in securing modeling gigs and pursuing further education, complementing her AFDA degree with classes from The Market Theatre. The actress, undeterred by the end of Rhythm City, embraced opportunities both on and off the screen.

Surprising Mzansi, Mapula’s foray into the world of DJing became a viral sensation. Initially met with skepticism, her aspirations to become a DJ were thought by many to be a mere joke. Yet, as pictures of her DJing flooded social media, it became apparent that Mapula was serious about this new endeavor. Comparisons to DJ Zinhle, a prominent figure in the South African music scene, began to circulate, leading to widespread speculation about Mapula’s potential as the next big thing in the realm of Disk Jocking.

In a twist that captivated the nation, Mapula Mafole’s diverse talents and determination to explore new horizons have positioned her as a jack of all trades, seemingly mastering them all. Whether gracing the screen, modeling, pursuing education, or making waves in the DJ booth, Mapula continues to redefine her narrative, leaving Mzansi eagerly anticipating her next move. Only time will tell if she indeed becomes the next DJ Zinhle, marking another chapter in her already impressive career.

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