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DJ Melzi Caught in Cheating Scandal Again

A popular Amapiano producer and DJ named DJ Melzi, real name Tumelo Mphai, is facing accusations of cheating on his fiancé Andiswa Selepe, also known as Andiswa The Bomb. Social media has been buzzing with claims that he has been unfaithful to his influencer partner.

A woman known as “lallah_top_model” on social media has come forward with evidence to support these accusations. She went on TikTok to share her side of the story and even revealed that she is pregnant with DJ Melzi’s child. She labeled him as a repeat cheater.

In a video, lallah_top_model shared WhatsApp conversations between her and DJ Melzi, where he praised her beauty and intelligence, even mentioning her two degrees. Additionally, there was a message from DJ Melzi to her, setting up a meeting at The Islands Estate.

She visited him with a friend who recorded a video of DJ Melzi and lallah_top_model together in bed. It’s not the first time such claims have emerged on social media, but this time, they are gaining more attention.


Social Media Outrage and Support for Andiswa The Bomb

As expected, social media users have expressed their opinions on the matter, criticizing DJ Melzi for repeatedly embarrassing Andiswa The Bomb. Here are some of the comments:


This guy excels when it comes to embarrassing Andiswa, lapho she’s such an unproblematic hun


Imagine getting cheated on with somebody that uses Snapchat in 2023 


A man will have a 10, and cheat on you with a 2mxm


Oksalayo he wont leave his girlfriend after this and his girlfriend wont leave him


They were not serious. Baecations don’t include friends. Bombastic side eye

As of now, DJ Melzi has not addressed the cheating allegations. You can view the video below:

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