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Leaked viral video of King Monada kissed by a male

A video of King Monada, a musician from Limpopo, went viral on social media. In the video, a male fan kissed him passionately. This surprising moment left many people in South Africa amazed. People wondered why King Monada’s team allowed this close encounter with a fan.

The incident happened at Mopani South East TVET College, where King Monada was about to perform. The fan sneaked up to King Monada in his car and kissed him. King Monada’s reaction to the kiss became a meme because he looked very shocked.

People on social media started making fun of the situation, suggesting that King Monada’s wives were upset about the kiss. Earlier, one of his wives had left him because he was thinking about marrying another woman.


Samsung Aims to Surpass TSMC in Semiconductor Production

Competition Intensifies in Global Semiconductor Market

Analysts predict that Samsung Electronics is poised to challenge and potentially overtake Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as the world’s largest and highest-valued semiconductor producer.

Rory Green, head of China and Asia research at TS Lombard, explained that while TSMC currently holds a critical position in the global semiconductor supply chain, South Korean conglomerate Samsung, despite being approximately one generation behind TSMC in technology, possesses significant resources.

Semiconductors: The Modern “Oil”

Semiconductors, which find applications in electric vehicles, smartphones, and various technologies, are becoming increasingly essential, especially in the context of the green energy transition. They are often referred to as the “oil of the modern economy.”

Samsung’s Aspirations

Samsung’s ambition to surpass TSMC was publicly stated by Kyung Kye-hyun, the head of Samsung’s semiconductor division, who set a goal to outpace TSMC by 2028. While acknowledging that Samsung’s foundry technology lags behind TSMC’s by one or two years, Kye-hyun believes that once TSMC enters the race for two-nanometer technology, Samsung will take the lead within five years.

Current Market Status

Currently, TSMC maintains its dominance in the semiconductor market. In the second quarter of 2023, Samsung’s semiconductor foundry business reported $3.23 billion in revenue, a 17.3% quarter-on-quarter increase. In contrast, TSMC posted second-quarter revenue of $15.66 billion.

Geopolitical Implications

A shift away from Taiwan in the global semiconductor market could have significant geopolitical implications. Taiwan’s strategic importance as a semiconductor manufacturing hub has provided it with a “silicon shield” against potential Chinese aggression. Western interests are closely tied to Taiwan’s independence from China, particularly in the context of semiconductor manufacturing.

Taiwan’s Sovereignty and Upcoming Elections

Taiwan has long been a pro-sovereignty region, and tensions with China persist, with Beijing asserting its claims on Taiwan based on cultural and historical grounds. Upcoming presidential elections in January 2024 may impact Taiwan’s stance.

While there is a possibility of a shift in Taiwan’s alignment, the current frontrunner, William Lai Ching-te, remains an outspoken critic of Beijing and advocates for Taiwan’s sovereignty.

The Role of TSMC

Given the evolving landscape of the global semiconductor industry, one of the key challenges facing Taiwan’s next leader will be ensuring that TSMC continues to lead in this critical technology sector.

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