Mysterious Muthi Found in Wife’s Belongings

Lebo M’s marriage saga just got weirder! He’s kicking out his wife, Pretty, from their fancy house in Midrand and wants his gifts back. Why? Well, they found some mysterious muthi (that’s like magic stuff) hidden in Pretty’s stuff.

Lebo M’s assistant stumbled upon a bag of strange-smelling stuff, not your usual bath salts, mind you. They even found something hanging from a tree in their house. Creepy, right? Experts say it’s cleansing muthi, like pink and blue salts, and some tongue magic. Lebo M doesn’t seem bothered, though; he’s all about protection.

A traditional healer said it’s for cleansing, but the intentions? Still a mystery. One of these things can apparently make people do your bidding with just words. Spooky! The healer suggested a cleansing ritual. Lebo M’s life is turning into a supernatural soap opera! 🧙‍♂️🔮

Customer Service Administrator Wanted at Mango5

Customer Service Administrator Position at Mango5

Job Description:

Mango5 is currently seeking a dynamic and detail-oriented Customer Service Administrator to join their team. The position involves working closely with one of their new award-winning clients specializing in Ultrasound and Cardiology Diagnostic services. The successful candidate will be collaborating with the NHS to offer patient appointments on a nationwide scale, within a community-based setting.


Essential Skills:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in a target-focused environment
  • Multi-tasking skills and the ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Proficient analytical skills
  • Experience in managing and prioritizing workloads
  • Excellent communication and typing skills, with a high degree of empathy
  • Ability to handle difficult situations with empathy and maturity
  • Capability to provide exceptional service even during high-pressure periods

Minimum Entry Level Experience:

  • 1 year of Customer Service experience
  • Experience working with UK/USA clients
  • Contact Centre Experience: 1 year
  • Exposure to a KPA/Target driven environment


  • Matriculation (High School Diploma)
  • Clear Criminal Record

Key Roles/Duties:

  • Timely response to various incoming calls while upholding professionalism
  • Reception, processing, and coordination of referrals, involving interaction with patients, clinicians, and external healthcare professionals, and providing support services
  • Administrative tasks related to appointment bookings and query resolution
  • Communication with NHS patients to arrange convenient appointments within specified KPIs/SLAs
  • Proactive courtesy calls to remind patients of appointments, share clinic details, and preparation instructions
  • Rescheduling patient appointments in adherence to set KPIs/SLAs
  • Provision of non-clinical guidance about clinic appointments and preparation
  • Ensuring confident and customer-focused handling of all telephone inquiries
  • Maintain high-quality call standards in line with quality monitoring
  • Job Level: Junior
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Salary Range: £8,000.00 – £10,500.00
  • Employment Equity (EE) Position: No
  • Location: Airport Industria


If you are interested in this position and meet the required qualifications, you can apply through the following link: Apply Here

This is an opportunity to join a vibrant team and contribute to delivering exceptional customer service in a healthcare-related setting.

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