Family reportedly opens case into Zahara’s death

The family of South African singer Bulelwa Mkutukana, also known as Zahara, has started an inquiry to find out more about her death. Zahara’s brother, Junior Mkutukana, took this step after she spent several days in the hospital and passed away.

According to a report from Sunday World, Constable Modupe recorded the inquiry, and Warrant Officer Netshiunda reviewed it.

On December 11, 2023, at around noon, Zahara’s brother, Mr. Mkutukana, mentioned in the inquiry that he was in Roodepoort when Zahara complained of stomach pains. She was then taken to Olievedale Netcare Hospital, where she was later declared dead. The family suspects that Zahara might have been poisoned by people who didn’t wish her well.

Zahara’s death was confirmed on December 11 at a private hospital, although the exact cause remains unknown. While BBC suggests liver complications, Arts and Culture Minister Zizi Kodwa expressed his condolences on Twitter, mentioning Zahara’s significant impact on South African music.

This news follows reports of Zahara being admitted to the hospital due to physical pains. The family’s inquiry aims to uncover more details about the circumstances leading to her passing.


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