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Makhadzi is pregnant

In a creative and attention-grabbing move, Makhadzi, the talented South African artist, has taken album promotion to a whole new level. Breaking the conventional norms, she shared a photo on social media appearing with a pregnant-looking belly, announcing the imminent delivery of two songs on June 16.

The captivating image showcases Makhadzi in a stylized setting, adorned in glamour, with one hand gently resting on her “baby bump.” The Instagram caption adds a playful touch, stating, “? ? my album is pregnant with 15 songs ?. I’m about to deliver twins ?‍♀️ on the 16th of June. Baby no1 (DEAR EX ) zwininakele??. Baby no2 (niazwifha official audio) all roads lead to the auto-renewal album ?.”

The album’s title itself holds significance, drawing inspiration from Makhadzi’s past contract issues with her former music label. Fans, initially caught off guard, flooded the comments section, with some expressing genuine surprise, thinking the pregnancy announcement was real.

Acknowledging the playful confusion, one commenter said, “Ijoooo? please don’t do this to us again. I seriously thought you are pregnant ?.” Fellow musician Mawhoo added, “This looks real.”

Amid the laughter and reactions to the “pregnancy” reveal, fans also shared their excitement for the upcoming songs. One fan expressed, “This album is meant for me ? especially twin number 2,” while another playfully advised, “Twin number one for me ????date your type this time mama, men will leave you in the desert without water??, let’s go.”

The intriguing promotion strategy adds a unique touch to Makhadzi’s album release, creating a buzz and anticipation within her fan base. It exemplifies the evolving landscape of artist promotions in the digital age, where creativity and authenticity play pivotal roles in capturing audience attention.

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