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SA celebrities who have been accused of rape and domestic abuse

Even famous people can face serious accusations like rape and domestic violence. These are very grave issues, and they affect many people, regardless of their celebrity status.

Rape is when someone is forced to have sex without their consent. It’s a terrible crime. Domestic violence is when one person in a relationship tries to control and hurt the other person. This can happen in many ways, like hurting someone physically or mentally, or even controlling their money.

These abuses can happen to anyone, including famous people. They can be really harmful and sometimes even deadly.

In the world of entertainment, there have been many cases of these abuses coming to light. Some victims have bravely spoken out, while others have not yet found the courage to do so.

It’s really sad when celebrities, who are looked up to by their fans, are accused of such terrible things. Below, we’ll talk about ten South African celebrities who have faced accusations of rape and domestic violence.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik: These two DJs were accused of rape by a young woman. She said it happened in 2011 at a party she attended with a friend. She claimed they raped her and three other young women after she had too much to drink. However, there wasn’t enough evidence, and they were found not guilty.

Somizi Mhlongo: Somizi was accused of sexual assault by a man, but he denied it and was cleared. He also faced allegations of physical and verbal abuse from his estranged husband, Mohale Motaung. Mohale even shared photos as evidence, but Somizi was found not guilty. It did affect his career, but he’s back on track in 2022.

Black Coffee: Enhle Mbali accused her ex-husband, Black Coffee, of physically abusing her. She spoke about the abuse she suffered during their marriage. She said she endured emotional, verbal, physical, and financial abuse. Despite the tough divorce, they seem to be on better terms now.

Sjava: Lady Zamar accused Sjava of raping her. She said it happened in a hotel room, and it was a traumatic experience. However, the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, and she faced backlash for it.

Jub Jub: Jub Jub faced accusations from his ex-lovers Kelly Khumalo and Amanda du-Pont. Kelly revealed that he physically abused her during their relationship. Amanda claimed he raped her. Jub Jub apologized to Kelly, but he denied Amanda’s accusations.

These are serious and complex issues, and it’s important to remember that everyone deserves a fair trial and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

4. Letoya Makhene


‘Generations’ actress Letoya Makhene is one of the newer voices to speak out against abuse and share her story. The actress revealed her nine-year battle with abuse within her marriage to ex-husband Privilege Mangezi. She told True Love magazine “I had to take care of the household and that made him very insecure. We began arguing, then things escalated to physical abuse.” She ended up divorcing him and has said that their relationship worked out better when they were apart.

5. Nyalleng Thibedi

Nyalleng Thibedi

‘Ashes to Ashes’ star Nyalleng Thibedi also spoke about her experience with domestic abuse at the hands of her partner. “When someone tells you that you’re unworthy, you’re a good for nothing, by the time the abuse gets physical, they have worked so hard at breaking your spirit, there’s no way it’s not going to affect you,” she told Enca in August. She added that she got out of the relationship when she realises she would lose her life.

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