‘She is the new Gogo Maweni’ Singer Zahara is accused of bewitching DJ Sbu

‘She is the new Gogo Maweni’ Singer Zahara is accused of bewitching DJ Sbu as he now looks ‘mentally challenged’

In a surprising Twitter post, a user shared a candid snapshot of DJ Sbu, showcasing a different side to the entrepreneur and artist. Instead of the usual polished appearance, he sat comfortably facing the camera, prompting some to jokingly liken his look to that of a homeless person. The caption read, “Uyoze abhatale,” translating to ‘he’ll end up paying.’

Among the reactions, one music fan speculated humorously, “There’s no way Zahara is not engaging in chemical engineering to deal with this fellow.” Speculations about DJ Sbu’s mental state also surfaced among fans.

With his appearance transformation generating buzz, DJ Sbu’s shift from a groomed gentleman to a more natural look intrigued many. He attributed this change to a new perspective on life, embracing nature and his inner self. While some find his lifestyle shift unconventional, he remains steadfast in his chosen path.

As DJ Sbu focuses on expanding his brand Mo’Faya, his recent transformations continue to spark conversation. What some perceive as an inexplicable shift in appearance and philosophy for a celebrity is, for him, a conscious lifestyle choice, illustrating the intriguing journey of self-discovery and branding evolution.

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