bullet was planted in Khumalo house

In the Senzo Meyiwa trial, the defense lawyer, Zandile Mshololo, argued that a bullet may have been planted at Kelly Khumalo’s house, where the crime occurred. During the trial on June 13, 2022, Mshololo cross-examined Colonel Thobeka Mhlahlo, a state witness, to highlight potential tampering with the crime scene.

Mhlahlo testified that when she arrived at Khumalo’s house, there were no police officers inside. Instead, they were standing at the gate. Normally, in such cases, the police cordon off the area with tape and ask people inside to step out to allow for an investigation. Police officers are also supposed to guard the scene to prevent tampering.

Mshololo raised concerns about the fact that the only entrance to the house was not closed off or marked as restricted, despite having a bullet hole. This raised suspicions, as everyone going in and out of the house used that door. Mshololo suggested that the bullet may have been planted by individuals moving in and out after the initial investigation.

Mhlahlo admitted that she found the bullet in the same area that her colleague, Thabo Mosia, had checked but had not found. Mshololo argued that this discrepancy indicated the possibility of tampering. She also noted that a man with the house keys remained at the scene after it was cordoned off, potentially raising concerns about tampering.

iOS 17 is available today

iOS 17: A Personalized and Intuitive Experience

Major Updates to Communication Apps

iOS 17 brings a plethora of enhancements to make your iPhone experience more personal and intuitive. From communication apps to new charging experiences, here’s what you can expect from this major update:

Incoming Calls Get a Major Upgrade

The Phone app gets a significant update to make important calls stand out.

  • Personalized Contact Posters: Express yourself by customizing how you appear when calling known contacts, even in third-party calling apps, with Contact Posters. You can personalize them with stunning treatments for photos, Memoji, and eye-catching typography.

  • Live Voicemail: Receive real-time transcriptions of voicemails, allowing you to pick up while the caller is leaving their message. Powered by the Neural Engine, Live Voicemail transcription remains private and efficient, even handling spam calls with Silence Unknown Callers enabled.

New Ways to Enjoy FaceTime

FaceTime now offers more ways to connect:

  • Video and Audio Messages: Leave video or audio messages for unavailable contacts to capture your thoughts and emotions.
  • Expressive Reactions: Add hearts, balloons, fireworks, and laser beams to FaceTime calls with simple gestures, now supported in third-party video conferencing apps like Zoom and Webex by Cisco.
  • Connected Experience with Apple TV: Use Continuity Camera to seamlessly transition FaceTime calls from iPhone to Apple TV, ensuring a great experience with Center Stage keeping you in the frame.

More Ways to Stay Connected with Messages

Messages gets more user-friendly and fun with new features:

  • Powerful Search: Search with precision using filters, auto-transcribe audio messages, and reply inline with ease by swiping on text bubbles.
  • Expandable Menu: Access all iMessage apps effortlessly, and add creativity with a new stickers experience, including Live Stickers created from photos.
  • Check In Feature: Notify family or friends of your safe arrival with Check In, which shares your location, battery level, and cell service status securely.

StandBy Makes iPhone Even More Useful While Charging

  • StandBy Feature: When charging your iPhone on its side, enjoy a full-screen experience with customizable clock styles, photos, widgets, and more. Always-On display and Night Mode add versatility.

Easier Sharing with AirDrop and NameDrop

  • NameDrop: Exchange contact information and content effortlessly by bringing your iPhones together, with future support for internet-based transfers.

Comprehensive Updates to Autocorrect and Dictation

  • Autocorrect: Utilizes a new transformer language model for word prediction, enhancing typing accuracy with sentence-level autocorrections and a refreshed design.
  • Dictation: Improved speech recognition for better accuracy.

Reflecting on Life’s Moments with Journal

  • Journal App: Helps you reflect on everyday moments and special events, offering personalized suggestions and scheduled notifications.

Additional Features in iOS 17

  • Safari Profiles: Keep browsing separate for work and personal use.
  • Password Sharing: Share passwords securely with trusted contacts via iCloud Keychain.
  • Health App: Log daily moods, access mental health assessments, and reduce digital eyestrain.
  • Apple Music: SharePlay support in the car, crossfade, and collaborative playlists.

  • AirPlay: On-device intelligence for user preferences and hotel TV support.
  • AirPods: Adaptive Audio, Personalized Volume, Conversation Awareness, and improved controls.
  • Home App: Extended activity history, Matter-compatible locks, and Grid Forecast.
  • Maps: Offline maps, trail discovery, and EV charging information.
  • AirTag: Shared tracking with Precision Finding.
  • Reminders: Enhanced grocery lists.

  • Visual Look Up: Identify subjects in paused video frames.
  • Siri: Continuous activation for multiple commands.
  • Photos: Recognition of individual cats and dogs.
  • Privacy Updates: Communication Safety, Sensitive Content Warning.
  • App Store: Enhanced Today tab for personalized app discovery.

Accessibility Updates:

  • Assistive Access: Customizable interface for cognitive disabilities.
  • Live Speech: Type and have words spoken during calls.
  • Personal Voice: Create a voice that sounds like yours.
  • Point and Speak: Read text on physical objects by pointing.

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