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Somizi Baby Mama Breaks Silence of Somizi’s Secret to his daughter

Somizi Mhlongo’s baby mama, Palesa Mdisakwane, recently spoke out about Somizi’s multiple weddings and his failure to provide damages for their child.

Palesa, along with their daughter Bahumi Mhlongo, discussed Somizi’s relationship with his estranged husband Mohale Motaung on an episode of the reality show ‘Living The Dream With Somizi,’ which aired on Showmax.

Palesa expressed empathy for Somizi when he separated from Mohale, recognizing his genuine happiness and love for Mohale. She revealed her disappointment that Somizi chose to pay lobola and have multiple weddings without addressing the issue of damages for Bahumi.

Bahumi, Somizi’s daughter, shared her initial hurt feelings regarding her father’s relationship with Mohale. She felt excluded and wished Somizi had communicated better with her about his intentions. The way she discovered his marriage plans left her feeling unwanted.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max: What to expect

Anticipation Builds for Apple’s iPhone 15 Series Launch

Apple’s eagerly awaited ‘Wanderlust’ event is just around the corner, scheduled for September 12th, and the excitement is palpable as we count down the hours until the unveiling of the next iPhone. Although the official announcement is yet to happen, we already have a wealth of information about what to expect from the new iPhone 15 series.

Four New iPhones

This year, Apple is expected to introduce four new iPhone models, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. The lineup is anticipated to include:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max

Typically, the Pro models offer similar power but vary in size. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out as a more advanced phone, thanks to its inclusion of a periscope zoom lens.

Notable Expectations

Here are some of the key features and changes anticipated in the iPhone 15 series:

1. USB-C Integration: Apple is finally adopting the USB-C port for the iPhone, aligning with the industry standard seen in most modern devices, including Apple’s own MacBook and iPad Pros. The move is expected to offer faster USB speeds, possibly including USB 3.2 and Thunderbolt support for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

2. New Titanium Frames: The Pro iPhones are set to feature a new titanium alloy for their middle frames, replacing the stainless steel previously used. This shift brings advantages in terms of strength and weight, but it may be more susceptible to scratching. Color options are expected to include dark blue, silver-grey, space black, and natural titanium, with a possible omission of the Gold model.

3. Thinner Bezels: While retaining their screen sizes, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could offer brighter displays, more efficient LTPO controllers, and thinner bezels. Reports suggest bezels could shrink significantly, making them among the thinnest phones ever.

4. A17 Chip with 8GB RAM: While the standard iPhone 15 models will feature the A16 SoC, the Pro models are anticipated to introduce the groundbreaking A17 chip built on a 3nm process. This chip is expected to deliver substantial improvements in processing performance and overall efficiency, paired with 8GB of RAM.

5. New Ultrawide Camera: The Pro models are likely to retain the 48MP IMX803 primary camera while introducing a new 13.4MP f/2.2 ultrawide camera with a superior 7p lens. Additionally, the Pro is expected to enhance image quality through software enhancements.

6. Periscope Zoom for Pro Max: The standout feature of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the periscope zoom lens, a feature exclusive to this model. This larger iPhone is the only one capable of accommodating this advanced zoom technology, offering a 5x or 6x optical zoom and the potential for digital zoom beyond that.

7. Price Adjustments and Storage: Reports suggest Apple may raise prices for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, possibly by around $100 per model. However, there may also be a shift to a 256GB base storage option, ensuring that equivalent storage models maintain pricing parity in the US.

Release Date: Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 15 series on September 12th, with pre-orders starting on September 15th and the first wave of releases on September 22nd. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max might experience a slight delay, potentially launching in October due to supply challenges.

As the countdown continues, tech enthusiasts and Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the official confirmation of these features and details at the upcoming event.

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