‘Love this for her’: Sophie Ndaba’s glow up leaves SA speechless

A few years back, Sophie Ndaba, a local actress renowned for her portrayal of Queen on the popular soap opera Generations, surprised her fans with a drastic transformation in her weight. The shocking change ignited concerns among her followers, who expressed worries about her well-being through online posts. This prompted Sophie to disclose her diagnosis of diabetes.

However, a new chapter seems to have emerged in Sophie Ndaba’s story, as she recently amazed her admirers with a series of photos showcasing her remarkable “comeback.” In these snapshots, she radiates a renewed vitality, capturing the attention of her fans and leaving them astounded by her rejuvenated appearance.


Many of those in the comment section were blown away by how stunning Sophie looks. Many of them praised her for taking such good care of herself and having a great “glow up”.

Here are a few of their comments:

“Umuntu akalahlwa. She didnt give up on herself she focused on her health. Now look at her,” one fan wrote while another added:

“It’s a Godly comeback!! This has God written all over it…its different and it hits different and it’s felt different”

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