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Controversial Inyanga’s Claims Anger Family of Late Eyadini Lounge Owner

The family of the recently deceased Jabulani “Mjay” Zama, renowned Owner of the Eyadini Lounge, is up in arms due to the startling allegations made by the controversial inyanga, Zamokwakhe “King Bhaka” Nzama.

Mjay tragically passed away on August 12th, just prior to Bhaka’s astonishing statements regarding his mystical powers, known as muthi.

On August 16th, Bhaka, who shares the same surname as the Zama family but previously went by Nzama, sent shockwaves through a wide audience with surprising accusations shared on his Facebook page.

Bhaka asserts that Mjay utilized an Isigubhu, a small container for storing muthi powers, in order to enhance his business’s prosperity. Regrettably, the Isigubhu allegedly turned against Mjay, leading to his downfall.

“The matter concerning Mjay is delicate, but I shall address it regardless. Those who dare to challenge me will fall short. Firstly, Mjay was not tapping into the full potential of the Muthi powers known as Ukuthwala.

“Mjay was drawing upon the powers of his late father, paying regular visits to his grave to honor his memory. Bhaka added that Mjay’s father was an influential figure.

Furthermore, Bhaka claimed that when Mjay’s business encountered challenges, he consulted a sangoma (traditional healer) in Inanda who provided him with an inappropriate Isigubhu to rescue his company.

“The problem arose when the inyanga granted Mjay an Isigubhu, despite his unsuitability to possess it due to his ancestor’s association with the powers.

“Instead of assisting him, the Isigubhu became a hindrance. Despite his wife’s objections, Mjay persisted in its use. Bhaka suggested that the Sangoma included malevolent spirits, soil from graves, and the spirits of the deceased within the Isigubhu.”

Bhaka emphasized Mjay’s strong connection to his forefathers.

“He was destined for great success in his business, but this malevolent spirit within the Isigubhu thwarted his endeavors.”

According to Mbali Zama-Madikana, Mjay’s sister, the family is deeply troubled by Bhaka’s actions. She conveyed this sentiment to Daily Sun.

“We’ve been monitoring his claims on Facebook. It’s disheartening that our brother hasn’t been laid to rest, yet this individual is spouting nonsense in an attempt to gain Facebook followers.

“What caught us off guard was his shared last name. As a traditional healer, he should be aware of proper protocols to honor the deceased. She expressed, “We don’t know him, but his actions have offended and disrespected us. We feel deeply disrespected.”

After the funeral concludes, the family plans to pursue legal action against Bhaka.

Massive Purge: Google Eradicates 43 Malicious Apps from Play Store, Urges Swift Deletion by Users

In a major move to safeguard Android users, Google has taken down a staggering 43 malicious applications from its Play Store. These apps, which had already garnered a whopping 2.5 million downloads, were flagged for their insidious power-draining behavior. Android users are now being prompted to scrutinize their app libraries and promptly uninstall any dubious apps.

Security analysts at MacAfee unveiled that these malicious apps were surreptitiously sapping phone battery life, causing grave concern for user device performance. The malevolent apps exhibited a startling tendency to consume precious user data even while the mobile device lay dormant.

To add to the menace, these apps managed to serve intrusive ads even during idle periods. A clever tactic to evade detection was their ability to lie dormant after installation, unleashing their sinister activities after an incubation period.

This illicit behavior stands in direct violation of Google Play Store’s Privacy Policy and constitutes an abuse of the company’s Developer Policy. The Play Store’s vast submission pool and open nature have provided a fertile ground for rogue developers to exploit, slipping nefarious apps past the gatekeepers and into the hands of unsuspecting users.

Among the malicious apps pinpointed by MacAfee were seemingly harmless ones, such as TV/DMB Player, Music Downloader, and News and Calendar applications. It is strongly advised to peruse your app collection and promptly eliminate any of these flagged applications.

MacAfee’s research team emphasized the importance of users paying heed to the permissions granted to apps. They expressed, “While these permissions might be required for certain legitimate functionalities for running in the background, it is important to consider the potential risks linked with them, such as enabling hidden behaviors or reducing the relevance of ads and contents displayed to users because of the hidden Clicker behavior.”

Moreover, users are strongly cautioned against downloading apps from unverified sources and are reminded to exclusively download applications from the secure environment of the Google Play Store. For additional insights on bolstering your defense against malicious apps, refer to our comprehensive guide.

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