Tbo Touch sheds light on why he resigned from Metro FM despite being paid R500k per month

Back in 2016, the radio superstar Tbo Touch waved goodbye to Metro FM after spending a whopping 11 years there. But why, you ask? Well, he left because of a little thing called “principle.”

Hold up, no drama here! Tbo Touch spilled the beans on a lively chat with 947’s breakfast crew. He made it crystal clear that there were no hard feelings when he left Metro FM – it was just a classic case of crossed wires. He dropped some wisdom about how important it is to keep relationships sailing smooth.

So, what’s life like for Tbo Touch post-Metro FM era? He wanted to prove that life isn’t just about fancy studios. He whisked his family away to Barcelona for a holiday and even got himself a shiny C605. This guy’s reminding everyone that dreams don’t come with GPS coordinates!

Fast forward to a bit of gossip time. Rumors floated around that Tbo Touch might boomerang back to Metro FM. Some said they’d drop big bucks to have him back – like a cool R480,000 a month! But wait, hold your horses. The SABC, the big cheese in the game, brushed off these rumors faster than you can say “fancy microphones.” They set the record straight: no car perks, no freelancing bonuses, nada!

But hey, guess what? The rumors had some fire underneath them. Tbo Touch is back in the Metro FM groove, and they’re throwing a party over it. Brace yourselves for his new show, “The Touchdown with Tbo Touch.” Weekdays from 3pm to 6pm, he’s serving up a high-energy, turbo-charged blast of radio goodness. Get ready to groove!

Top Ten Highest Paid Celebrities in South Africa

South Africa is home to a vibrant entertainment scene, and its celebrities are reaping the rewards in a big way. From the glitz of the music industry to the allure of the silver screen, here’s a look at the country’s top ten highest-paid celebrities who are living large and cashing in on their fame.

1. Trevor Noah – The Global Comedy Icon

Trevor Noah’s star has risen to incredible heights since taking over as host of “The Daily Show.” With international acclaim and a massive fan base, Noah’s sharp wit has translated into a hefty paycheck, making him one of South Africa’s highest earners.

2. Black Coffee – Beats and Bankrolls

Internationally acclaimed DJ Black Coffee keeps the party alive not only on the dance floor but also in his bank account. With electrifying performances across the globe and a string of hit albums, he’s spinning records and raking in the cash.

3. Charlize Theron – Hollywood Royalty from Afar

Charlize Theron’s journey from South Africa to Hollywood has been paved with gold. Her stellar acting chops have garnered critical acclaim and box office success, ensuring her status as one of the country’s highest-paid exports.

4. AKA – Rapping His Way to Riches

South Africa’s hip-hop scene wouldn’t be the same without AKA. With chart-topping albums, sold-out concerts, and lucrative endorsements, this rapper’s talent and business savvy have propelled him to the top of the earnings ladder.

5. Minnie Dlamini – From TV Host to Business Mogul

Minnie Dlamini’s captivating presence on television screens has translated into a diverse empire. Beyond her hosting gigs, she’s a successful businesswoman with her own fashion line and beauty products, making her one of South Africa’s most bankable stars.

6. Cassper Nyovest – Filling Stadiums and Wallets

Cassper Nyovest isn’t just a rapper; he’s a phenomenon. His ability to fill stadiums and command a loyal fan base has translated into substantial earnings through album sales, endorsements, and his own record label.

7. Bonang Matheba – The Queen of Media

Bonang Matheba reigns supreme as South Africa’s media darling. With her own reality shows, radio gigs, and a flourishing line of products, she’s turned her popularity into a profitable empire.

8. DJ Sbu – Spinning Discs and Success

DJ Sbu’s entrepreneurial spirit is as infectious as his beats. Beyond his music career, he’s ventured into various businesses, including energy drinks and clothing lines, solidifying his spot as one of South Africa’s highest-paid celebrities.

9. Pearl Thusi – Acting Her Way to Riches

Pearl Thusi’s acting prowess has opened doors to both local and international opportunities. From her roles on screen to her endorsements, she’s managed to secure her place among the country’s top earners.

10. Somizi Mhlongo – Entertainer Extraordinaire

Somizi Mhlongo’s multi-talented persona shines brightly in South Africa’s entertainment constellation. With a career spanning acting, singing, dancing, and TV presenting, he’s managed to turn his skills into a lucrative paycheck.

In a country known for its diverse talent, these top ten highest-paid celebrities are proof that South Africa’s stars are making their mark on the world stage while enjoying the sweet taste of success at home.

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