Another Tlof Tlof Video By Lungelo Mpangase? How She Duped Joburg Man R150k, Now He Wants Revenge

Another Tlof Tlof Video By Lungelo Mpangase? How She Duped Joburg Man R150k, Now He Wants Revenge

South African celebrity Lungelo Mpangase has found herself embroiled in a scandalous situation as she allegedly duped a Johannesburg man of a whopping R150,000 and swiftly vanished from his life within a month. As per Musa Khawula, a well-known gossip blogger, Lungelo Mpangase managed to deplete the man’s bank account through a series of cunning requests.

The unsuspecting gentleman fell into the clutches of Nikiwe Mpangase, who seemingly manipulated him into covering an array of expenses, including a staggering R80,000 for a car installment, R30,000 as a “girlfriend allowance,” R22,000 splurged on LV sneakers, and an additional R20,000 handed over in cash as part of the supposed girlfriend allowance. Once Lungelo Mpangase had pocketed the funds, she promptly cut ties by blocking the hapless Joburg Man.

Following the exposé, the disenchanted man retaliated by unveiling compromising pictures of Lungelo Mpangase caught in slumber at a local hotel after an intimate escapade. The situation has sparked speculation across social media, with some speculating that the man might even leak their sexxtape, given his willingness to go to great lengths, such as revealing his financial transactions with her.


Amidst the aftermath of the recent Cyan Boujee video scandal, South Africans remain on edge, unsure of what other revelations might emerge.

Tweeps react to Lungelo Mpangase’s obsessive boyfriend

Some social media fans were not happy with the man’s obsessive behaviour while others are ready for the video to be leaked.

The Instigator@Am_Blujay

He was busy recording her and doing all sorts, no wonder she left, he willingly paid for that


Wait so she did deliver on her part, why he being petty now. They both agreed and did their thing. I thought she didn’t dealiver her part.

Nah bro needs to keep it moving.

AfrikanChef_ZA ™@AfrikanChefZA

He willingly spent such amount on her, though. I doubt she went to him to ask for him to do all those things, I doubt she begged him in any way. He offered and probably a fling happened & fizzled out. My guy thought he would control her with money. kanti, he got it all wrong.

ModernDay Laqhasha@uKilla_K

Lol awowa this JHB man must relax, he paid for a service, why is he crying manje


So people now pay you to try and shame their exs when things don’t work out? Coz I’m sure this man sent her this money willingly, now that ba mo dumpile he pays you to post her? Umjita but take his L and charge it to the game.

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