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Inside Cedric Fourie’s Love Life With Alleged Older Wife

Inside Cedric Fourie’s Love Life With Alleged Older Wife


Cedric Fourie, the actor, reality TV star, businessman, and fitness enthusiast, has captivated his female fans with his charm. Despite raising questions about his sexuality in the past, he has clarified his orientation. However, the actor currently remains enigmatic about his dating life, leaving fans speculating if he prefers to keep it private.

Who Is Cedric Fourie’s Wife? Did He Truly Marry Zari Hassan?

In 2019, revelations about Cedric’s relationship with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan surfaced. The couple managed to keep their romance discreet, dropping hints through Instagram posts and subtle references. Speculations of a secret marriage arose, fueled by Zari’s social media posts referring to Cedric as her “King Bae” and suggesting a wedding and a new house in Pretoria.

Despite the rumors, Cedric neither confirmed nor denied the marriage speculations, maintaining silence. Fans eagerly awaited clarification from the couple, but the truth remained elusive.

Here’s What You Should Know About Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan, born in Uganda, gained fame as a socialite and influencer. With a transparent personal life, she has been married, divorced, and had high-profile relationships, including one with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz. As a mother of five, Zari has built a successful business empire after studying Cosmetology in the United Kingdom.

Married or Not, Cedric and Zari Had Something Going

While the couple never officially confirmed their marriage, Cedric and Zari shared a loving relationship. Despite criticisms, including age-related comments due to Cedric being 33 and Zari 43, the couple remained resilient. Zari defended their love, emphasizing that societal judgments should not dictate matters of the heart.

Sadly The Relationship Ended As Fast As It Began

After going public with their relationship, Cedric and Zari faced intense scrutiny. Attempts to reclaim privacy failed, and eventually, the couple went silent. Speculations of a split circulated until Zari confirmed the breakup on social media. She clarified that the separation was amicable, emphasizing that they still maintained occasional communication.

Cedric Fourie May Not Be Married But He Has a Son

In an unconventional move, Cedric, though not married, is a single father raising a son. The actor has not disclosed details about the child’s mother, leading to speculation about their past relationship. Cedric’s mother plays a significant role in the child’s upbringing, suggesting a strong bond within the family.

Truth About Cedric Fourie and Lasizwe

Cedric’s love life has been shrouded in mystery, with limited information about past relationships. In 2018, photos with reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza sparked rumors, but Cedric clarified they were just friends. Their friendship, initially believed to be more, was a strategic PR stunt for Lasizwe’s reality show. The friendship stirred controversy, especially when Cedric’s relationship with Zari became public.

How Cedric’s Friendship With Lasizwe Ended

As Cedric’s bond with Zari became known, Lasizwe removed him from his reality show, citing a change in focus. Lasizwe admitted to developing genuine feelings, revealing the friendship was an act. Despite rumors and accusations, Cedric maintained his heterosexual orientation, supporting LGBTQ rights.

In the realm of Cedric Fourie’s love life, mysteries persist, leaving fans intrigued by the actor’s complex relationships and personal choices.

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