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‘You cannot be smelling like a dead body’, Q Dube provokes Zimbos again

South African-based Zimbabwean comedian Q Dube has once again stirred controversy, this time with a video surfacing where he encourages fellow Zimbabweans to maintain proper hygiene to avoid smelling like “dead bodies.” This comes after Q faced backlash a few weeks ago for expressing his fear of smelling like a “Zimbo” during a podcast appearance.

In the previous incident, Q had claimed that Zimbabweans could be identified by their unpleasant odor. Following widespread criticism, he later issued an apology to his fellow countrymen.

However, a new video has emerged, showing Q driving around Mzansi (South Africa) and expressing disapproval of the grooming habits of Zimbabweans. In the video, he advises them to bathe regularly, especially during the summer season.

“Bath please, it is now summer, it is now hot. We do not want to see any bikinis, any beer, any sweat, we just want to see deodorants and roll on. You cannot be smelling like a dead body when you are alive, bath, please,” Q Dube said.

Social media users, particularly on X, quickly rebuked the video, with one user suggesting, “Let’s just ignore him. He is just seeking relevance.”

IN OTHER NEWS: Apple Unveils Cutting-Edge Gadgets in Latest Tech Spectacle

In a highly anticipated event, Apple has once again taken the tech world by storm with its latest lineup of innovative gadgets. The Cupertino-based tech giant showcased a range of devices designed to push the boundaries of technology and enhance the overall user experience. Here’s a closer look at the groundbreaking products revealed during Apple’s latest presentation.

iPhone 14 Pro: A Marvel of Technological Advancement

Leading the pack is the iPhone 14 Pro, a flagship smartphone that boasts an array of impressive features. The device comes equipped with a state-of-the-art A16 chip, promising lightning-fast performance and improved energy efficiency. The camera system has been revamped, introducing advanced imaging capabilities that elevate photography and videography to new heights. With a sleek design and a stunning Super Retina XDR display, the iPhone 14 Pro is set to redefine the premium smartphone experience.

iPad Air 5: A Perfect Blend of Power and Portability

Apple also introduced the latest iteration of its popular iPad Air series. The iPad Air 5 features a powerful M2 chip, providing a significant boost in processing power and graphics performance. The device maintains its signature lightweight design while incorporating a larger and more vibrant Liquid Retina display. With support for the second-generation Apple Pencil, the iPad Air 5 is positioned as a versatile tool for both creative professionals and everyday users.

Apple Watch Series 8: Elevating Health and Fitness Tracking

The Apple Watch Series 8 continues to dominate the smartwatch market with its focus on health and fitness. Boasting advanced health monitoring features, including blood pressure and glucose level tracking, the Series 8 aims to empower users to take control of their well-being. The addition of new workout modes and enhanced sleep tracking further solidifies the Apple Watch’s reputation as a comprehensive fitness companion.

MacBook Air with M3 Chip: A Leap Forward in Laptop Performance

Apple’s commitment to performance and efficiency extends to its laptop lineup with the introduction of the new MacBook Air featuring the M3 chip. This cutting-edge processor promises remarkable speed and responsiveness, making the MacBook Air an ideal choice for both casual users and professionals. The sleek design, Retina display, and improved battery life further position the MacBook Air as a top contender in the laptop market.

AirPods 3: Redefining Wireless Audio

Completing the ecosystem, Apple unveiled the highly anticipated AirPods 3. These wireless earbuds feature a redesigned form factor for a more secure and comfortable fit. The addition of spatial audio technology enhances the audio experience, immersing users in a three-dimensional soundscape. With improved battery life and seamless integration with Apple devices, the AirPods 3 set a new standard for wireless audio.

Apple’s latest product showcase once again demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology. As these cutting-edge gadgets make their way into the hands of consumers, it’s clear that Apple continues to shape the future of the tech industry.

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