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‘I Bath Almost Every Hour’- Makhadzi Shocks Mzansi With Her Bathing Routine. See Why

Makhadzi’s Bathing Habits Spark Social Media Buzz

The multi-award-winning singer, Makhadzi, has ignited a social media frenzy with her revelation that she bathes almost every hour, leaving fans intrigued and somewhat skeptical. The conversation began when Makhadzi requested her followers to encourage her man, presumably referring to Master KG, to buy her Mavoda body lotion for Valentine’s Day.

In her post, she implored, “Can you please ask my man to buy me MAVODA BODY LOTION on VALENTINES DAY 😢🥰🥰🥰.” It appears her Valentine’s Day arrived early, as Master KG promptly responded by purchasing several Movoda skincare products, adhering to her request.

Makhadzi expressed gratitude for her followers’ assistance but jokingly claimed that she required five more Mavoda lotions. In the same post, she casually mentioned that she bathes almost every hour.

Her statement led to a mixture of reactions from her followers. Some were impressed by her glowing appearance and glamorous looks, which she has been flaunting lately. However, others questioned the feasibility of bathing nearly every hour and suspected it might be a marketing ploy, considering her rumored role as a brand ambassador for Mavoda.

Makhadzi’s assertion sparked humorous and incredulous responses from some followers, with comments such as “How come you bath almost every hour there’s no such,” and “As for ‘I bath almost every hour,'” leaving many to wonder about the practicality of such a frequent bathing routine.

Whether a playful exaggeration or a unique personal hygiene preference, Makhadzi’s bathing habits have undoubtedly piqued the curiosity of her fans and added a touch of humor to social media discussions.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Televisions in the World

Estimate Prices that Defy Imagination

In the world of luxury electronics, high-end televisions have become the ultimate status symbol for those who demand the best in both technology and aesthetics. With cutting-edge features, stunning design, and unparalleled picture quality, these top-of-the-line TVs come with eye-watering price tags that only a select few can afford.

Here’s a list of the top ten most expensive televisions in the world, setting new standards for home entertainment extravagance.

1. C SEED 262 – A Television Like No Other

Price: Approximately $2.3 million

Topping the list is the C SEED 262, known for its remarkable unfolding mechanism and awe-inspiring 262-inch screen size. This TV’s jaw-dropping price tag reflects its incredible engineering and design.

2. Samsung ‘The Wall’ – Beyond Ordinary

Price: Around $1.6 million

Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ is not just a TV; it’s a wall-sized display that offers an immersive viewing experience. Its modular MicroLED technology allows for customizable screen sizes, adding to its opulent allure.

3. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition – An Artistic Masterpiece

Price: Approximately $1.5 million

The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition takes opulence to new heights with its 55-inch frame adorned with 48 kilograms of solid 22-carat gold and 72 round-cut diamonds. It’s a television that doubles as a piece of fine art.

4. Titan Zeus – A Titan Among Televisions

Price: Roughly $1.6 million

The Titan Zeus boasts a colossal 370-inch screen, making it one of the largest TVs in the world. With custom finishes and advanced technology, it’s the epitome of grandeur in the world of home entertainment.

5. Panasonic 152-inch 4K TV – A Class Apart

Price: Around $770,000

Panasonic’s 152-inch 4K TV is for those who seek uncompromising picture quality and attention to detail. It offers stunning visuals and high-end features for the discerning viewer.

6. Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony – A Vision of Elegance

Price: Approximately $90,000

The Beovision Harmony by Bang & Olufsen blends cutting-edge technology with a unique design that transforms into a work of art when not in use. This TV is a testament to the intersection of luxury and functionality.

7. Sony Z9G Master Series – Cutting-Edge Excellence

Price: Roughly $70,000

The Sony Z9G Master Series stands out with its 98-inch screen and top-of-the-line picture quality, offering a cinematic experience right in your living room.

8. LG Signature OLED R – A Rollable Wonder

Price: Approximately $100,000

LG’s Signature OLED R is the world’s first rollable TV, and its innovative design allows it to seamlessly disappear when not in use. Its uniqueness comes at a premium price.

9. Loewe Bild 9 – A German Work of Art

Price: Around $13,000

The Loewe Bild 9 is a testament to German craftsmanship, with a distinctive design and cutting-edge technology. It’s a television that caters to those who appreciate aesthetics as much as performance.

10. Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900A – A Premium Choice

Price: Roughly $10,000

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900A offers excellent picture quality and a premium viewing experience without reaching the astronomical price tags of some of its competitors.

In the world of luxury televisions, these top ten represent the pinnacle of technology, design, and extravagance. While they may remain out of reach for most consumers, they stand as a testament to the ever-evolving world of high-end electronics.

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