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Who’s the meanest one of all? 15 most evil South African soap villains

Here is a list of 15 such devilish divas.

1 – Harriet Khoza On The Queen played Connie Ferguson

Villain Harriet Khoza On The Queen played Connie Ferguson
Harriet Khoza On The Queen played by Connie Ferguson

Queen Khoza is more than just ruthless, she will do anything to protect her family and her family’s drug empire.

Her villain status is sensed in the first episode when she put a hit out on her husband. She has kickstarted more feuds than she cares to remember. But she’s tough as nails, and Harriet takes a beating and keeps on kicking.

Harriet is fiercely loyal though. Her brother Brutus might go against her and act without thinking, but he knows that Harriet will always have his back and fix his errors the lectures will be there of course. The same goes with her kids – it doesn’t matter what they do, they’ve got a lioness in their corner.

Even when they cost her a fortune and put their drug business under threat, Harriet will swoop in to save the day and there’s also no back chatting this mama bear, either. She doesn’t need to utter a word – one look from Queen Khoza and you know that you’re in trouble.

Queen Khoza’s Ruthlessness

To protect her family, business, and herself;

Harriet poisoned her drug kingpin rival Diamond at lunch and sipped wine while he coughed up blood right in front of her.

She also shot her future daughter-in-law, Kamina, while she was held hostage by Kamina (who was in cahoots with Diamond).

She tortured and poured petrol over her daughter’s abusive boyfriend, who had beaten Kea to a bloody pulp, screaming and shouting at her “victim” and telling him to beg for his life.Ezoic

She tortured her enemy, Jasmine by dousing her in water, putting her feet in a bucket of water, and running electricity through the woman.

Jasmine’s screams of pain and suffering are the things nightmares are made of but for Queen Khoza it’s like a normal thing.

2 – Boniswa Langa On Scandal played by Lusande Mbane

Villain Boniswa Langa On Scandal played by Lusande Mbane
Boniswa Langa On Scandal played by Lusande Mbane

Boniswa Langa is a vile, cold, and calculating woman. She will destroy anyone who tries to get in her way even if it means killing her daughter’s husband.

From a natural mother, queen Boniswa Langa cared about nothing else but the wellbeing of her family, but she quickly evolved into an infamous villain who audiences love to hate.

3 – Faith On House Of Zwide played by Winnie Ntsaba

Villain Faith On House Of Zwide played by Winnie Ntsaba
Faith On House Of Zwide played by Winnie Ntsaba

The list can not be complete without adding this villain, Faith On House Of Zwide.

Faith was born and raised in a shack in Tembisa and it’s a place she has vowed never to return to. Her traumatic past defines her. Faith will make sure she and her children never end up broke.

The villainous character in House of Zwide, just a week ago, killed her mother-in-law after she discovered her secret.

Faith sincerely believes Funani’s retail dream will lead to them losing everything and she simply has to stop him. Her other conflict is with Ona, a character from her past who comes back to haunt her.

Ona and Faith are different in every way. While Ona embraces where she’s from, Faith has put Tembisa firmly behind her. This is expressed in their fashion; Ona wants to embrace street culture while Faith is adamant House of Zwide is a high-end label for high-end people.

But Faith goes about these conflicts in strategic ways, operating in the shadows. You will sit and smile at Faith without knowing she’s your worst enemy. But despite her conniving and manipulative character, we will always understand that everything Faith does, even the reprehensible, is for her kids.

Faith is a powerful woman, one you may very well love to hate.

4 – Deborah Banda From Lockdown played by Pamela Nomvete

Villain Deborah Banda From Lockdown played by Pamela Nomvete
Deborah Banda From Lockdown played by Pamela Nomvete

Dark secrets, rivalries, secret plots, and a taste for younger men earn Banda the villain status in Lockdown .

Banda has a child with her friend’s son after she manipulated the young boy into having a relationship with her.

She goes on to torment the boy’s mother – her friend – after she is jailed.

5 – Lindiwe On The River played by Sindi Dlathu

Villain Lindiwe On The River played by Sindi Dlathu
Lindiwe On The River played by Sindi Dlathu

Lindiwe Dikana has lied, stolen, and murdered her way up, to obtain her villain status in The River.

In the last few years, Lindiwe, who often refers to herself as Madlabantu, has done some really evil things. She has lied, killed, and done just about every bad thing that you can think of.

We’re going to take a look at some of the moments that have left us shocked and in disbelief.

Tumi buried alive

As you might have seen on the show, the businesswoman will do anything to get what she wants. The opening scene showed Tumi screaming and begging Lindiwe to spare her life. Madlabantu was driving a tractor at the mine and went straight after Tumi, who was trapped in a big hole.

She buried her alive without even looking back. This was, of course, before she found out that Tumi was her biological daughter.

Thato Mokoena’s murder

Tumi’s father, Thato Mokoena, discovered a diamond in the river and as an honest man with good intentions, he took it to Lindiwe, who was his boss. Unfortunately, she had other plans in mind and didn’t want to share any of the wealth with her employees and the community of Refilwe.

Because of her greediness, Lindiwe ruthlessly killed Thato so that she could have full control of the diamond.

Happy’s life cut short

Do you remember Happy, who was Flora’s only son? After Thato’s murder, Happy discovered that Lindiwe had something to do with it.

He blackmailed her and made all kinds of ridiculous demands.Ezoic

Of course, she wasn’t about to let a young man ruin her plans and the only way to handle the situation was to kill him and that’s exactly what she did. Lindiwe did not care about breaking Flora’s heart by killing her son. It’s quite sad how even Flora’s loyalty couldn’t stop her from doing that.

The River Wedding

If there’s one thing you should know about the universe it’s that you reap what you sow! Lindiwe’s crimes and lies finally caught up with her when the truth came out. She was arrested and went to court but fortunately for her, she was found not guilty. Although she managed to get away with murder, she lost her entire family and was forced to move to Refilwe.Ezoic

At Zweli and Gail’s wedding, Lindiwe hatched a plan that involved gunmen storming the event. While everyone concentrated on the chaos caused by the gunmen, Lindiwe shot and killed Gail. Just like that, she wormed her way back into Zweli’s heart.

 (Robert Whitehead) most of us first knew him on SABC3’s Isidingo as Barker Haines father to Lee and Duncan. He was Charel De Villiers’ husband who happens to be a villain in her own right. They were a good match, as they were scheming together and also fighting each other but Barker defeated Cherel in their fight after they divorced. Khona is there anyone still watching Isidingo. Honestly I don’t watch it even now they have decided to add some more spice by casting the president’s daughter. I just can’t bring myself into watching it, I don’t why, maybe I am missing out. 
2) Ntsiki 

(Pamela Nomvete) was Generations’ first villain; damn this woman was brilliant in playing that character. She made a lot of people’s lives a living hell in Generations. She was always fighting with man. I don’t think there was any woman who put up with her bad behaviour. She didn’t like Archie at all, everything that had to do with Archie, Ntsiki had to ruin. She died when she was shot by her friend Sara. Everyone was devastated when Pamela Nomvete left Generations. Many thought it was the end of Generations but the soap is still up and kicking. Bloggers talk about it everyday even thought they say it sucks. I know it is not the same as before but we are still glued on our screens every weekdays at 8pm. 

3) Jack Mabaso (Vusi Kunene) was on Generations. He was Sbusiso Dlomo’s rival. They were constantly on each others case. Jack made it worse by being in a relationship with Sbusiso’s sister, Busi. He died, killed by Busi herself. I am scared of this guy even in real life do you see those eyes yhooo. He is a natural when it comes to playing those dangerous characters. 
4) Cherel De Villiers Haines

 (Michelle Bortes) was on Isidingo. She was Barker’s wife. I am sure they were attracted to each other by their bad behaviour. This woman would do anything to get what she wants either from her husband or anyone. But at the end Barker was the man. 
5) Kenneth Mashaba

 (Seputla Sebogodi) of Generations, oh this man is making Dinny’s life a living hell right now. He is very mean to the poor woman. He does not only do bad things to other people but his family as well, wife, kids everyone is the same to Mashaba. He’s rival is the one and only Dloms, they are competing mostly in business. I don’t know why most people like this villain because I often hear people say they like him. One guy said to me he is happy now that Mashaba is back on his feet coz he was no longer watching Generations. 

6) Anne De Villiers

 (Camilla Waldaman) was in Generations, I can say this woman took over Ntsiki’s place in Generations but she didn’t replace her. She was fighting with women and men in Generations. Everyone had to watch their back around Anne coz they never knew what she was up to. But in the end she slowly became a softie. We don’t know whether this was her way of getting people’s trust so she can scheme them again without realising. Busi decided to end Anne’s life and commit suicide afterwards. 
7) David Genaro

 (Jamie Bartlett) is Rhythm City’s first villain. This one a smooth talker especially with woman like Lucilla. He really knows how to play with a woman’s mind. He is forever in Miles Vilakazi’s case (Lucilla’s ex-husband). I like him especially when he talks his lingo that is sometimes tricky. Sometimes he can be a woman that one might think Lucilla is seating with her gay friend. Maybe that’s his way of getting around woman, I don’t know. 
8) Gita

 ( Jo da Silva)of 7 de Laan. I don’t know much about her but I hear she is doing her best in making people’s lives a living hell in de Laan and she knows how to get what she wants no matter what happens.
9) Daniel Nyathi

 (Sello Make ka Ncube)of Scandal I have just started watching this soapie so I don’t know much about what he has gotten up to, to make his mark as a villain. But I know he’s been fighting a lot with another villain Abigail lately. Who got his son Mangi kidnapped and turned into a drug addict but eventually became clean. This man wants his sweet revenge. 

10) Duke

 (Carlos Radebe) of Backstage, He was Nomonde’s man who owned a club. He would do anything to protect his business. He had his right hand man all over to protect him and his girlfriend was not afraid of anyone she knew her man would sort them out. 

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