Residents applaud the new family planning method.

Residents applaud the new family planning method.

Residents have applauded the new family planning method as smart and efficient.

Sayana Press is a new contraceptive introduced recently, and the National Family Planning Council in West Province is working towards introducing the new contraceptive to the people.

Sayana Press: A new innovation in contraceptive and pregnancy prevention has become an option over other methods, and many women have applauded the new technique.

It is a contraceptive for pregnancy prevention that women can choose to use among other family planning methods.

On the recently held Family Planning and Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Forum in West Province, a couple of women who were present on the day showed interest in the new family planning contraceptive and applauded PSI for the newer, more advanced methods.

Others needed more information to be convinced about the new contraception method, which was considered viable and smart.

Acting Service Delivery Co-ordinator for the West Province for the Family Planning Council, Chrisover said that the contraceptive is likely to have fewer common side effects than other injectables since it has one hormone.

However, he stressed that anything can have side effects, either positive or negative, depending on the individual.

He added that Sayana Press is safe, effective, easy to use, and a long-acting reversible contraceptive.

“Sayana Press is a safe, effective, easy-to-use and long-acting reversible contraceptive as the progestin in Sayana Press keeps a woman’s eggs from leaving the ovaries,” he said.

Residents applaud the new family planning method.

Sayana Press is given every three months, and most women can use the contraceptive, like those breastfeeding a baby at six weeks old, those with sexually transmitted infections, and even those who are taking medicine, including ARVs and other HIV-related medication.

The Provincial Marketing and Communications Officer for the National Family Planning Council added that Sayana Press has an advantage in that if the client is comfortable, she can inject herself if given the authority and education to do so and can be safe.

Women and health facilitators who attended the forum applauded efforts by the national planning council to continue to find much safer and smarter contraceptives with minimal side effects.

One Nencia Murela of population services recommended fellow women use contraceptives and gather more knowledge about them, as family planning is crucial and there is no time for unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

A clinic staff member who wanted to remain anonymous said people should not take contraceptives without thorough research as they work differently on different bodies.

There are different methods of contraception, which include long-acting reversibles like implants or intrauterine devices, hormonal contraception like depo provera injections or the pill, barrier methods like condoms, and emergency contraceptive pills or copper IUDs, like the morning after.

Sayana Press is a reversible long-term contraceptive pill or injectable that prevents ovulation and contraception for 13 or more weeks.

According to medical research, Sayana Press is preferable since it is a hormonal birth control method and  prevents pregnancy for about 3 months.

Zimbabweans were also urged to take birth control seriously and the need for safer sex as sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise.

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